Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inside My Sewing Box

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  I just love my sewing box. I bought it at a swap meet awhile back and I knew after I bought it that it would become my sewing box. I love seeing it sitting under the couch all cheerful and cute waiting to be opened. I get focused on lots of other projects, so sometimes my cheerful sewing box gets forgotten. I thought it would be fun to share the contents of my cheerful sewing box. Not that you haven't seen the inside of a sewing box before, but its always fun to share. 

I just love popping the lid and seeing all of my favorite fabrics sitting there all bright and cheery.

These are the supplies that I use the most

1. The best and most helpful tool for making Yo Yo's EVER! This tool is made by clover, and is simply called the Yo Yo maker. It comes in various fun shapes and sizes. I just love using it, and all of my Yo Yo's come out perfectly (Later this week I will be sharing a post on how to use the Yo Yo maker)
2. My vintage heart pin cushion
3. The best thread for making Yo Yo's. Its super strong and thick. My mom gifted it to me, and I have used a ton of it.
4. Some of my favorite fabrics.
5. Needles and more needles (I have two other packs in my sewing box)
6. Wonderful scissors by Cutter Bee.

What is in your sewing box?


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  1. I found one fully loaded (the sewing box, that is), not me - for $4! I lurvs it AND I never had a sewing box before that (tho I always wanted one).

  2. Oh how I love sewing boxes!! Yours looks fun and exciting, and I'll be looking forward to seeing the yo yos you make! I've been wanting a yoyo quilt for a while now, so why not make one!

  3. Your sewing box is so cute! Right now my sewing stuff is scattered all about. I have a stuffed small sewing box. A big sewing box to replace the small which is still empty and so on and so forth. *lol*

  4. :) I have a nice sewing box full of my supplies as well!


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