Thursday, January 31, 2013

Target Love

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  Yes I ended up at Target again, but I truly did have to go there for a gift, and I couldn't not go into the Dollar section. I love bakers twine, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute roll of it. I was so happy to see that it comes with 12 yards which is such a steel for only $1.00.
Happy Target Shopping!
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Day at the Quilt Show

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  What a fun day at the Road to CA quilt show. This show was so much fun. The quilts on display were lovely, and the vendors were chalk full of beautiful fabric and tools. I had such a great time, and I had some money saved up to buy some fabric for new pillows. That always makes it so much fun. I got to go with such a lovely group of women and we all enjoyed our time together shopping and looking at beautiful quilts.
These are some of my favorite quilts that I saw at the show. 
Who wouldn't want their picture taken on a Harley? 
Some of the lovely fabrics I bought at the show. 
Oh how I love polka dot fabrics
 This ribbon is so sweet, and inspiring too. I know I can make one just like it, and then I can say I made it. That is always a fun feeling.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spare Bedroom Make Over - Pt #1

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  Our next project we started working on after we finished the den is our spare bedroom. Let me start off by saying that I do like pink. However I do not love my pink bedroom. I think I got burnt out of this color growing up because my first "big girl" bedroom was painted pink just like this room was painted. As time went on this even bigger girl is not a fan of pink bedrooms anymore and it was time for a change.

I chose a storm cloud color by Valspar, and I think it is a lovely soft grey that brightens up this space. I did not want to choose too dark of a gray that would enclose the room and make it feel small, so I chose a lighter gray. 
 Pink, pink, and some more pink. 
 Taping off the room before we get to cover it all up with my lovely gray paint. 
 I have never used these paint paddles before, but I was very impressed with the results. Mr Joyful Thrifter had used them before and we decided to try them on this project. 
 It is beginning to look lovely.
 We decided to paint the closet doors a dark grey as a fun contrast to the soft grey on the walls. 
I will post more pictures as the room progresses. I have some furniture projects for this room that I will share with you all too. 
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Having Fun With My Hair

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I am keeping up with my goal to try new hair styles this year. My hair is finally getting long, and now I can enjoy some fun new hair styles. I have seen these cute sock buns all over Pinterest and I wanted to try it too. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest of how to do your own sock bun, but this is the tutorial I used. If you are interested in some of my future hair ideas please feel free to pop over to my Pinterest board for Hairstyle inspiration. 
 I was so proud that I was able to do this hair style successfully.
 I decided to go preppy for my day out just for fun.
 My leopard shoes were a fun touch for my preppy styled outfit. 
What is your go to hair style?
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adventures at Knotts Berry Farm

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    I promised to post pictures of my adventure to Knotts Berry Farm, so here they are. I had such a great time with my sister and her adorable family.

We got to meet Snoopy!
 I couldn't resist buying these cuties some lolli pops. 
 We saw a girl eating one of these ice cream sandwiches, and we knew we had to try one too. These sandwiches were the same size of my nephew and nieces and heads!
 She loved it!
 Nom, Nom, Nom!
Oh I love this little bug. He was such a good baby and didn't cry once the whole trip! 
Have you been on any theme park adventures lately?
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Den Make Over Reveal

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   We have been slowly working on organizing and decorating our den, and it is finally ready for its reveal. This is Mr Joyful Thrifters room for his video games and also my books. I wanted it to have a real masculine feel, so I chose dark colors for the furniture and the accessories.

Welcome to our den!
 We found this leather couch at Goodwill for $25.00. When I was decorating this room in my head I really wanted a brown leather couch. I stumbled onto this one and could not believe the price. That was a lovely surprise!
Here are my upcycled bookcases finished and decorated. I think they came out great! I love how I incorporated personal items amongst the books. I had such a fun time setting these book cases up. 
 I love the paper behind the books. 
This is the first room in the house that actually looks finished, and I really do love how it came out. 
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    What an awesome week I had. I got to go to Knotts Berry Farm with my sister and her family. I will definitely be posting pictures of that adventure this week. Then off to the quilt show with my mom and some of her lovely friends, and I will of course post those pictures this week too. Then in between I got some much needed rest, and finally got around to doing the dishes. Yes I would say an over all great week, and here I am again writing my Friday post. Wow this week flew by.

~~Crafty Goodness~~ I discovered a lovely blog this week called Lovely Indeed. I would suggest popping over to this blog for great craft ideas and everything in between. I thought these pencils were such a sweet idea. A very easy inexpensive gift if you are on a tight budget, but so cute and high end looking.
~~Home~~ Pillows are my focus right now as I want to make some new pillows for my new couch. (I know you might be thinking to yourself that you have not seen any pictures of a new couch, and you are correct my friend. I have to clean it up, and then you will see the before and afters of my "new" beauty) My mom pinned this pillow, and it was instant love. Such an easy way to dress up a simple pillow. 
~~Lovely Wear~~~ I am planning on putting together almost the same outfit today because I think it is so cute. I probably won't be styling the leather leggings, but a pair of black skinnies will do for me. 
 ~~Wrap it Up~~ Home made wrapping paper is so thoughtful. Especially when you consider the person who receives the gift will be ripping it apart to get to the present. But I don't care I love giving a gift that is beautifully wrapped. Even if it is a rare occasion that I get the time to wrap things as lovely as these packages.
 ~~Yummy Goodness~~ Just look at those adorable heart donuts. I just want to eat them right up, which is good because they are meant to be eaten. Such a sweet cookie for the Pink and Red holiday. 
Happy Friday Thrifters!!! The weekend is almost here, which means a great time of thrifting is here!
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