Thursday, January 3, 2013

Upcycling with Joy- Painted Book Cases Pt #2

Hello fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    Here is part two of my book cases redo. Here is what they started out looking like. 
After some pretty paint they now look like this
Part two was putting a special touch on the back of these books cases. I bought this book at a thrift store awhile back, and I have torn it apart for many different projects. This time around I am gluing it to the back of each book case for a more vintage feel on these ikea style book cases. 
I tore out pages and then I used a glue runner from the craft store to attach it to the book case. 
It is really coming together now.
The book cases are starting to look just how I envisioned they would. 
I will post soon the finished product for both cases with the books and treasures on them.
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  1. That looks pretty cool! Cant wait to see what they look like with stuff on them!


  2. Found your post through Brenda's blog...I love your bookcases! Can't wait to see them totally finished.

  3. I've been wanting to do this with old paper pages...line the back of a cupboard.
    Your's look great. Have fun decorating them!


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