Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Mantel Challenge - Valentines Day Themed

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    When it comes to taking pictures of small things such as Pyrex, books, or pretty much anything small I feel pretty confident in taking pictures. When it comes to rooms or large pieces of furniture my confidence level shrinks. So I am going to push through my fear and start taking BIG pictures. I reminded myself today that when I started this blog I was really bad at taking pictures in general, and now my pictures are quite a bit better. Practice will help me overcome my fear, and make this blog even more fun.

As you all know I have a challenging mantel to decorate, but a good challenge to me. I have to be extra creative to decorate it. In the theme of the pink and red holiday I decided to do a Valentines themed mantel. I think when Mr Joyful Thrifter leaves the house for work he thinks to himself "I wonder what crazy thing she will do next." I just love having fun in my house.

When it comes to things I treasure I get pretty sentimental. For goodness sake I saved a benadril box that Mr Joyful Thrifter gave to me when I was sick while we were dating. I know a little silly, but I figure someday I will have kids and it will be fun to share the fun silly stories and have props to back up the story. I decided to get sentimental with my mantel, and display pictures from when we were dating, and some little odds and ends (don't worry I didn't display the Benadril box)
 These cuties were hand made by my mother in law and I bring them out every year for Valentines day. 
 I love those dollar store heart doilies, but I must admit I throw them away every year and buy new ones. I am thrifty, but I don't want to become a pack rat either. 
 One of my favorite cards we received on our wedding day. I love that her veil has glitter on it. So sweet. The person who gave us the card is a doll too. 
 One of my favorite pictures while we were dating. So sweet.
 Penguins getting married is just cute. I love my new craft tape too. I want to buy some acutal washi tape soon because I think it will work better then this stuff, but still fun. 
 These balloons hold up for forever. I gave this to Mr Joyful Thrifter last year for Valentines day. 
I had fun going down memory lane, and making this collage. 
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  1. What a sweet display! I like that you are taking chances and taking wider shots! It's nice to see how everything looks together. Love the wallhanging

  2. Found you through My repurposed Life. Glad I did!

  3. This is so adorable ^.^ I want to make a valentines display now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'm with you about pictures, the close shots are quite fine, but for whole rooms some how they still appeared a bit blurry to me! As you said, practice will help us! :) I love your valentine display, very cute garland!
    Happy to be your newest follower!


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