Sunday, January 20, 2013

Target Love

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

(image via Crappy Pictures)

Oh Target how I love and hate you at the same time. I went into Target the other night to pick up cold medicine for Mr Joyful Thrifter and I ended up buying an outfit and several other treasures. The picture above is a perfect depiction of exactly what happens to me when I go to Target. I decided it would be fun to share my lovely Target finds with you friends. They are just to cute not to share. 

The Dollar section gets me into trouble. I always end up picking up so many things. It is just to easy to buy something when it is only $1.00. This cute bucket now houses my pens and pencils on my desk. 
 Speaking of pencils I found these cuties in the dollar section too. I need to buy a pencil sharpener now.
I have an addiction to polka dots. First step is admitting second is...who cares I just love them to much. This gift bag is another dollar find. I am not sure who I will gift it to, but I am so excited to wrap a cute gift inside of it. 
Everything I bought has polka dots. These journals are precious. 
Each journal has a perfectly joyful quote on the front.
What is your favorite thing to buy at Target?
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  1. You found some treasures :) What a great eye you have.

    Great cartoon! That's basically why I don't do a lot of retail shopping...

  2. wow that is some awesome polka dot stuff!

  3. Yup, I'm right there with you on the love/hate relationship with Target. I can easily drop $75, with just intentions of getting a shirt for my son. And who doesn't love the dollar spot? We're thrifters so we're use to seeing items priced for a dollar. The hate part is walking out of Target with one bag of stuff at $75. If this was an estate/garage sale they'd be several boxes or bags full of fantastic finds. Now, I have to go to Target today to see if I could find those little journals. :-)

  4. The dollar and home section always gets me! I love the little dollar section. I did find an awesome candle in the shape of a mason jar the other day in the home area.


  5. hahaha that is so true, it's almost as though everytime when I TRY to only get one thing I don't, and when I do have money I can't find anything! the pencils are so cute :)

  6. Guess I have to make another trip to target!

  7. Love your purchases! Our Target is being built right now... apparently it's opening in April or May!!! OH MY HEAVENS I CANNOT WAIT!

  8. Yes, I can relate! Just one thing always gets me into trouble!


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