Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   We took down the Christmas decorations today, and that is always a happy/sad process. Since we moved during the holidays the only decorations in my house were the Christmas decorations and now my house looks very bare. In the coming weeks I want to spend time decorating my house with purpose. I don't want to just hang stuff up or put something out just because my house looks bare. I have a huge inspiration board on Pinterest for home decorating, and I want to use some of that inspiration and also my own ideas to make our home even more beautiful.

~~Welcome Home~~ This is a young girls room, but the colors and prints are just fine for this young girl too. The tree branch is my most favorite part of the room. I would love to have a sweet little branch hanging somewhere in my house.
~~Hair Fun~~ This hairstyle is my new go to for styling my hair. It is very easy, cute, and looks lovely with a flower pinned near the knot. This year I am trying to do more with my hair then the easy straight it normally is. 
~~Getting Crafty~~ This lamp shade was painted by using a toilet paper roll. How smart and creative is that. I plan on doing this project when I start work on redoing our spare bedroom.
~~Lovely Wear~~ I am addicted to totes. When I head out for the day I just giggle because that usually means grabbing several different bags all with their own special purprose. I have a book bag, a craft bag, and sometimes I need a miscellaneous bag too. Oh and of course I have my purse too. This tote is just so cute, and would hold lots of wonderful treasures. It would also be fun to take to the fleas and the thrifty stores, and fill it with treasures. 
I hope today finds you enjoying life, and finding something lovely to be thankful for!
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  1. Happy New Year! Now following you on Pinterest, I am definitely looking forward to moving house and having lots of lovely ideas what to do with it. That branch is cute - I wonder how it's attached?

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  2. The branch on the wall is a really cute idea, I like it too. Really cute tote bag!


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