Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifty Wedding Invites

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   My best friend is getting married in February, and I got to make her wedding invites. A big challenge, but I think they came out so cute. I wanted to share an easy way for taking inexpensive store bought invites from Joann's and turning them into lovely invitations fit for the loveliest bride.

My friend chose these invites at Joann's that came in a pack of 50, which was great because we only had to buy two boxes. Plus when you use a 50% off coupon it makes them even less expensive. She loved the way the paper looked and the purple flower petals are the same color as her wedding.
 I took a lovely soft white ribbon and wrapped it around the middle of the invite
 This was one of the most time consuming steps, but looked ended up looking so great. I used fishing line to tie a knot around the middle of the ribbon. This created a really love gathered look around the middle of the invite.
 Finally I used paper flowers purchased from Joann's as well. I layered the flowers together and glued a pearl bead into the center to add more elegance. I made a lot of these lovely flowers.
Here is the final product. I think they came out so lovely
The kit for these invites came with a flimsy yellow ribbon to tie around the middle of the invite, but I think this alternative looks much prettier. 
Total cost for wedding invitations = $137.00. Now that is an amazing deal on wedding invitations. That price includes everything including printing, envelopes, RSVP cards, and reception cards EVERYTHING!

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