Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joyful Creations - Upcycled Bangles

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Bangles are always a cute and easy accessory to add to any outfit. Most of time when I buy a braclet I buy it because I like it. However I do like a challenge and when these bangles came with a set of other bracelets I knew I could turn them into something super fun and cute.

Supplies needed to make these cute polka dot bangles:

- Bangle bracelets
- Paint
- Pencils that you don't care about ruining

Here are my boring bangles.

 Dip the eraser end of your pencil into the paint

"Dot" the pencil around the the whole bracelet

Ta Da New braclets. I guess I was excited to show off my new jewelry. 

Have you upcylced anything recently?


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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Joyful Life Via my Itouch

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Life lately has been fun, and busy, and everything in between. I wanted to share some fun we have been having lately. 

1.Got a free iced tea at Starbucks. That is always a fun treat.
2. Tried a new burger place in town with two lovely friends.

3. I love finding stuff with our names on it
4. Yep I should grow one ;)

5. Perfect store name!

6. Raman House for dinner
7. The good eats at the Roman house

8. Took this cutie out for lunch at McDonald's

9. Found an awesome book store
10. Discovered some artistic graffiti

11. Visited my favorite store in Long Beach - The Feed Store

11/12 . They have awesome vintage treasures throughout the whole store

 13. I love this sign, and I think I take a picture of it every time I see it.

Hope you all have been having a Joyful Life lately.


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Joy with a GIVE AWAY!!!

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Today has been quite the lovely day so far. Started out the day with a real breakfast. Real meaning we had more then just cereal for breakfast, and then we headed to church. We got home and cleaned up the apartment, and now it looks like civilized people live here instead of bums. I just don't know how the apartment gets so messy every week. I think messy fairies come and terrorize my apartment. Ok fine I know the truth is that I get lazy during the week, but I still would like to blame those fairies. Maybe I could blame my older sister Jen. Side story: Growing up if anything went wrong in the house it was my sister Jen's fault. Then when we moved out and even when she moved out of state everything that went wrong was Jen's fault. It has become a silly little inside joke with my family. So that being said I think my apartment is a mess because it is Jen's fault. I LOVE YOU SISTER!!! She reads this blog, and will role her eyes after reading this story.

 Today I am pleased to announce a give away here at the Joyful Treasure Hunting. It has been quite some time since I gave away any treasures, and that is just wrong.

Here is what I am offering today for my little give away. 

A lovely hand stitched picture and PYREX!!!

This picture has sweet little details. 

I love that it has Mr Joyful Thrifter's intitals. I was teasing him and asking if he did needle point when I am at work. 

A lovely Pyrex bowl. I have two of these brown beauties, so I can part with it and not miss this cutie to much. 

The rules are simple:

- Leave a comment telling me what is making you Joyful lately
- You must be a follower of Joyful Treasure Hunting.
- New followers are more then welcome to join! Just become a follower, and leave a Joyful comment

Simple ways to get additional entires - If you do any one of the items below please leave a separate comment :)

- Mention this giveaway on your blog
- Like The Joyful Treasure Hunting Facebook page. (the link is listed in the right hand corner of this blog)
- Become an Instagram follower (the link is listed in the right hand corner of this blog)
- Follow me on Pinterest (the link is listed in the right hand corner of this blog)

THATS IT!!! Super simple, and lots of fun.

I will announce the winner next Sunday.


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!! Wahoo. I am so thankful the weekend is here, and I get to enjoy some relaxing time with Mr Joyful Thrifter. I hope you all are ready for your weekend too, and hopefully find some great thrifty treasures this weekend.

What do you think? Should I make the leap and dye my hair a soft robins egg blue? I won't actually do it, but there definitely is a part of me that wants to go crazy and color my hair a fun color just for fun.

(image Via Pinterest)

Oh my! What an awesome boho bag. I could just see myself carrying this cutie into a coffee shop to hang out and read. Or take it to the beach with my books and blanket. I just love it.

(image via Pinterest)

So cute! I would love to add this colorful Polaroid camera to my collection. 

(image Via Pinterest)

I know all lovers of vintage have dreamed about living in an old stream line trailer decorated in perfect vintage goodness. This trailer is so cute, and makes me want to travel the United States towing it behind  a vintage truck. 

(image Via Pinterest)

Some great inspiration for next weeks sending love post

(image via Pinterest)


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sending Love - Week #3

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Wow three weeks of love! I am enjoying this challenge so much. It has been so fun to think of a person and decide to send them a card. I love how I get to think about that person as I make their card. I accidentally put two pieces of paper together while working on last weeks card, and when I looked at them I knew who I was going to send it to. It just radiated this person. (I would say who I am sending it to, but they are a reader of this little blog. Can't ruin the surprise)

Those are the lovely papers that spoke to me last week! I love the blue paper and the pink floral together. Such a happy combo.

To match the pattern on the blue paper I used my patterned scissors and cut both sides.

Using the left over card stock from the card I made a tag and brushed the edges with a brown stamp pad. I use this technique a lot to make things have that old look. 

The pink floral is going to serve as a pocket for my new tag

I wanted some texture so I stapled my "pocket" onto the soft blue paper. 

This week is a thank you card. One of my favorite things about this challenge is using supplies I have on hand. I have been using paper and stamps that I have not pulled out in quite some time. It sure is fun to use all of my stuff again.  

Ok I know you don't this, but I bought this beautiful lace ribbon when I went to a quilt show with my mom. It was such a fun day, and I love using the bits that I got from that special day. 

I felt like the card needed a bit more. I found this sweet little humming bird with some other little de-cals, and I thought it looked so cute. 

Lovely :)

I hope you all are having a great week. 


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From Target You Say?

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Freinds,

   I am sure you have heard my Target speech before, but I feel as though it has been awhile so here goes. Target is one of my favorite stores. I just love walking through the aisles and seeing all the fun stuff. It is my go to store for just about everything. I love how they sell everything you need on a daily basis, but they put a cute spin on it. If I can buy something that I need  a cute pattern I will always choose the cute one. It just brightens up the little things through out the day.

Today was a target day for sure. I needed those aisles to help me relax a bit. Look at the wonderful treasures I ran into.  Wonderfully cute forks, knives, and spoons. In oh so cute colors and shapes.  I can't wait to use them.

The price was also a real surprise for me because I got them for $0.99/each. Super cute and inexpensive, which equals the perfect combo.

Have you found any treasures recently at Target?


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Joyful Creations - Canvas Wall Art

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I finally finished my canvas project this weekend, and I just love how it came out. Here is my inspriation for this project.

I love how sweet and simple the design is on the canvas, but so colorful and cheerful at the same time.

Here is my canvas wall art and instructions on how to make your own.

Supplies Needed:

- 2 Canvas'
- Paint in various colors
- Sponges
- A helpful husband to hang your pictures (this is an option supply needed)

I used inexpensive acrylic paint from the craft store.


When I was at the craft store I spotted these thick triangles that were perfect for using as my stencil. Plus a set of 3 was only $1.00, and I can use them again for other projects. 

I traced the triangle shape using a pencil

Then I started the fun part, PAINTING!

I free handed the "string" that connected each little pennant. 

Since this art work is for my bedroom I thought it would be fun to write "I Love You" on it just for fun.  I picked up these stencils at Walmart for a few dollars.  

It is finally looking just how I imagined it would look. 

I stapled some soft satin ribbon to the back of each canvas so it could hang by the ribbon. 

Here is my sweet husband hanging our new art work. 

I just love how they came out!

I hope you had a great Monday!


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