Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Joyful life through my Itouch

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I am not sure if I have become obssessed with the instagram app OR if I am just documenting the little things in life. I am going with the latter cause then it does not sound like I am crazy. That being said I have had so much fun capturing the every day moments of life.

My best friend had her engagement pictures taken, and I got to be there. It was so much fun. She was at my engagment shoot, and this time it was her turn. I got to be the one to carry all the bags, and make jokes in the back ground just like she did at my engagement pictures. It was so much fun to be there for her just like she was for me. I am so happy for her.

My adorable niece had her 2nd birthday, and the whole family got together to celebrate this cuties special day.

Fourth of July parade with my niece and nephew. I forgot how much more fun things are when you do them with little ones.

I am just glad the parade was fun because parking was awful. I had to document how close I got. Don't worry I was able to leave still.

I got to see fire works with a dear friend at Castaic Lake. There were SO many people. It was actually quite amazing. 

We had so much fun together. We played card games and ate. Perfect way to spend the holiday. 

Enjoying my lunch break at the park

Playing games, and WINNING!

Its been a great couple of weeks, and that is not even all of my pictures. If you have gotten to capture some sweet moments on Instagram I would love to see them! You can upload them to the Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

Have a great day!


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