Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canvas Inspiration

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  You know when you go into a room of your house and you think to yourself "hmmm....this could use some more color." Well I did that this week with my bedroom. I want our bedroom to be a relaxing place where we can go and have sweet dreams, but at the same time what is wrong with a relaxing bedroom that has some color too. Our bedroom is white, white, and did I mention white? Yes white walls is all I see when I go into our bedroom, and this week I am determined to fix that. I want to hang simple art work on the walls, and I decided what better art work then my own. I was so inspired by the canvas projects I have come across on pinterest that I am going to try making my own. I am itching to get started. A new craft project is the best.

Oh my, how sweet is this bunting on canvas. In the tutorial to make this project they used paper, but I am torn I might want to try my hand at painting the triangles. I am not sure. Both seem like such a sweet options. 

I have seen such wonderful projects using paint chip samples, and I thought I could duplicate this project by using paint chip samples. 

(image via Canvas and Canvas )

And finally a favorite idea is this awesome photo canvas. I am definitely going to try this for sure. It is such a sweet idea.

(image via Ruffled)

What are you inspired to work on this weekend?


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  1. My project this weekend is slide scanning (converting 35mm slides to digital images). That photo canvas looks interesting - hope you will be posting on your experience with that project.

  2. Love the bunting on canvas!


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