Sunday, July 15, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds - Sale of the Year Part 2

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  I am continuing on with my finds from the most amazing vintage sale I have ever gone too. If you need a recap of treasures you can click here to see what else I got ALL for $20.00. I did not go out to the sales this weekend because I got to spend another lovely day with Mr Joyful Thrifter. I can't wait to share pictures from our adventures lately.

Awesome mod glasses and glass carrier. I can just envision the original owner of this carrier having a dinner party at her home and she was preparing the drinks to carry into the living room to share. The pink glass is definitely my favorite. I only got three glasses, so maybe someday I will stumble upon some of the other colors.

 My mom  said a decanter would go in the center. I will have to look around to see if I can find out what that would look like so I can get one to put in here someday.

Another of my favorite things was the plastic stirring sticks, and yes they are sparkly.

My first Jadeite pieces. What a happy day. This little plate is so sweet and the egg holder is sure nifty. I don't even like eggs, but jadeite is so rare for me that I had to grab it. I just love its soft green color.

Super cute yellow canisters. They are plastic, so they are probably from the 70's. I think they are so cute and cheerful.

Cook books on healthy eating. Things were definitely different back then. Healthy meant a completely different thing then it does now.

I love this betty crocker children's cook book. The illustrations are so sweet.

My mom cleared out some of her Pyrex, and kept only her favaorites. She sweetly gifted me this dish with the sweet lid and cradle. I love the plastic cradles. (Sorry I have not gotten a chance to clean this cutey yet)

So you might be wondering if this is the end of my treasures from the sale of the year, and the answer is NO! I have one more full post of amazing dishes and cute toys. Yep I said toys. I can't wait to share the remaining treasures.

I do hope you all had a wonderfully thrifty week!


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  1. I love the sparkly stir sticks and cheerful yellow canisters. Great finds!

  2. The Jadeite is beautiful, i'm yet to find any in my thrifting.
    And those cookbooks are a great find.

  3. fantastic finds! you should make sure to take some pics of the first recipes you make from the books too. great scores so far!

  4. I love it all.

    I have never found Jadeite besides in antique malls. Here someone is selling those egg cups for $30 a piece on Kijiji. Those sparkly swizzle sticks are just excellent & love the colours of the glasses of that set; truly hope you stumble across the rest of the set soon. & so jealous of those colourful canisters. I just can't seem to find any around here (colourful plastic ones).

  5. I do love the wire glass holders that are finding their way back on the shelves of flea markets and thrift stores. I saw one the other day that was originally white with darling floral wiring. So pretty, but the owner would not sell. I was disappointed. Great fins.

  6. What pretty treasures you found!! Love the Jadeite, and cute yellow canisters!! xo Heather

  7. EEEEKKK! Jadeite!!!!!!!! And those yellow canisters! LOVE!

  8. Love your finds this week! Super cute yellow canisters!
    Sophie x

  9. How fun! Those glasses are amazing. :)

  10. The sparkley stir sticks are so FUN!!
    I also adore the jadeite and the yellow cannisters.

  11. Great finds, to be sure! I love the little glasses caddy. And I agree the pink is prettiest. I'm also partial to old cookbooks, especially ones like your with the fun photos. Fun stuff! (And thanks for stopping by Cottage and Creek ... I've been on "sabbatical!")

  12. I have a yellow canister set almost like that that I let my daughter use with her play kitchen. I actually just posted a photo of it today! Great finds. :)


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