Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   What a truly lovely week we have been blessed with AGAIN!! I am so glad it is Friday and Mr Joyful Thrifter gets three days off. We have some awesome home projects planned for this weekend, and I can't wait to get started on them. Plus I have a treasure to share on my treasure hunts post that I am soooo excited about.

The funny thing about todays happy things is I accidentally themed it all. I chose what I wanted to and then when I uploaded them to blogger I realized that they had quite the theme. Tell me if you can guess the theme?

~~Home~~ I have not shared with you a picture of my new couch because at the moment it is not much to speak of. It needs a good cleaning, and then it will be gladly displayed here on my little blog. Until then I am working on inspiration for the pillows I want to cover my couch with. I just love these patterns and the colors are just lovely. Since my couch is cream colored I am not sure if the gold and cream would POP enough, but who knows what will happen when I go to buy the fabric. This pink couch and pillows are just lovely.  I love how the pillows are just thrown on the couch, but have so much elegance and purpose. 
~~Getting Crafty~~ I apologize but when I found this picture on Pinterest the back link took me to a tumblr website, so there is not tutioial. However I believe the tutorial is the same as those sharpie ones I have seen floating around. Draw, bake, cool down, enjoy. I just loved the cream and gold together. So lovely.
~~Lovely Wear~~ I am not super funky when I get dressed up or even when I just get dressed to go to the market. I am more a simple dresser, but when I saw these shoes and socks I wanted to be more adventurous. 
~~Yummy Goodness~~ Lemon blueberry bread  sounds so yummy on this cold and windy day here. If I can get my act together and remember to go to the store for blueberries today I am going to make this yummy bread. (
Did you guess the theme?
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  1. Ouuh - I'm craving for that blueberry lemon loaf now!

  2. Blueberry lemon loaf sounds good right about now!


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