Sunday, September 4, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and friends,

  Well I must apologize for my absence. I guess I was just busy or something and I did not get an opportunity to post, but I am back with some lovely little treasures.

I bought this glass christmas tree filled with ornaments for $1.00. It was a small estate sale with great prices.

This is my silly purchase of the week. A glass penguin called a people feeder. Its so cute, and sort of ridiculous. I paid $1.99 for him. 

I bought 4 scarves for $1.00. Some of them are all silk, and others are just lovely. The doily was $2.00

Who doesn't like free wrapping paper? NO ONE! 

And lastly my most thrifty find! A NEW CAMERA!!! I found an awesome cannon rebel on Craiglist and snapped it up. I paid half the price that the stores are charging. YAY! My new camera helped me take the pictures for todays post and this lovely shot as well.

I can't wait to learn how to use my camera better, and take even better pictures. 

Last but not least, I told you all that I would share how much I paid for this beauty...

A lot of people thought I paid $5.00 for it. Drum roll please..........I only paid $3.00 for it. He even marked it down from $4.00 just because he thought I was nice and it was the second time I had visited his thrift shop.

I hope you all had a thrifty weekend, and found lots of treasures.

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. that box is simply amazing, well done, the price was certainly right!! i would happily have paid much more for it, great find!

  2. Love the people would make me smile too.

  3. Pretty scarves and love the hand-made doily. Fabulous buy on the box! Wow!

  4. For some reason I couldn't see the pictures of your scarves and doileys. I am sure those would be my favorites of your finds!

  5. Good prices on those finds. And free wrapping paper is a great score.

  6. What a bargain for that box! Those scarves are lovely.

    E :)

  7. Congrats on the camera!

    And $3.00 for your trunk! good deal! Your book pile you have displayed there reminded me of the time I had a visitor who promptly straigtened my similar pile! :) Some people just don't get it!

  8. Awesome price for the trunk!! You got some great finds this week...the people feeder cracks me up! So happy you got a new camera, I used a Rebel for many years. I still use a Canon and love it!

  9. Love the people feeder! My husband wants one!

  10. Love the chest! $3 what a deal! Don't you just love thrift stores! New follower yeah!

  11. Lots of fun thrifty finds. The box is great and congrats on the camera! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun week!

  12. What amazing thrift finds (I would buy the people feeder too!) I also love your scarves- I buy all my scarves at vintage or second hand shops because you can't beat the price!

  13. Awesome finds! I had to giggle at the people feeder!:) Thanx for coming to the party!


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