Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Progessivley Joyful #2

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    Onto house #2 of the Progressive Christmas tea. My sweet Aunt and Uncle just moved to our town, and I am so glad they are so close. Now she gets to join in all of our girl fun. She has quite the crafty hand as well. It runs in the family. She loves to quilt and sew, and she is an amazing painter. She graciously gave me two lovely paintings, and when I get them proper frames I plan on doing a post on her lovely artistry.

Here is her home decorated so lovely for Christmas

I just loved her cheerful  Christmas table. The napkins are my favorite. They look so cute with the flowers as napkin holders. I also learned what a charger was from her. I have never heard of those before, and then she told me they go under neath your dinner plate. I just always thought those were for layering. I always learn wonderful things. ( I sure hope I am not the only one who did not know what those were)

This little truck was so cute placed under her Christmas tree

She also has under her tree these adorable sewing inspired Christmas pals waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. 

She has such a sweet little tree with cheerful colored lights.

This set of glass Christmas trees were one of my favorite decorations at her lovely home. They looked so sweet sitting on her coffee table. 

Like I mentioned earlier she is very gifted in creating wonderful crafts because she made this beautifully detailed stocking. 

I look forward to showing you house #3 tomorrow. Have a lovely day!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Lovely table and decorations. I love that old truck and those glass trees. hugs, Linda


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