Monday, December 26, 2011

What's in the Joyful Thrifters Purse?

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I just love those posts  "whats inside your purse?"It is so fun to see what other ladies carry in their purse and what is important to them. After a long time I have finally decided to do one for my blog readers.

Here is the purse in question. This is my Christmas present to myself , a beautiful coach leather purse. I was blessed this year by a Christmas bonus from work, and I picked out this lovely purse.

Welcome to my little bag, and the things I carry around every day

1. My Robot journal to jot down to do lists, present ideas, or blog post ideas.
2. My cute monster change purse that came with a gift card I bought from Anthropologie. I love opening his little mouth to find change or hair clips.
3. Lip gloss and chap stick. I usually have a clear one for just putting on quickly or the sparkly red one from Avon for when I have more time to put on some color.
4. My santa pez that my sweet husband gave me for Christmas.
5. My wallet with two of my favorite colors on it. I found this wallet at goodwill, and it has travelled may miles.
6. A beautiful cosmetic bag made by my mother. I love this little bag.
7. My nook! I love my little nook. Its so great to have all my books at the tips of my fingers.
8. Ipod and ear phones
9. Can't go anywhere without my sun glasses
10. Compact
11. Carmex for those dry lip sort of days
12. Nail clippers for my clutsty break your nail type of day
13. Tide pen for my whoopsies
14. Pen and highlighter
15. Keys to my car and Mr Joyful Thrifters
16. Tin for medicine
17. I can't leave the house without gum

What is a must have item that you carry in your purse?

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I must have lip gloss! Your items are much like mine but look so much better! Love your new purse! hugs, Linda

  2. I have recently downsized to a larger wallet instead of a purse, it encourages me to carry only what I NEED, because nothing else will fit! All my cards, cash and change, my phone and my sunglasses are ALL that fits! My old big purse used to weigh so much because there was regularly some very heavy things at all times in it!

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  4. Love your new purse. I carry a big purse and I have to have a section for all my coupons....especially the ones from Jo-Ann's.

  5. You need a tape measure and I would like to send you one...a retractable one at that! Just send me your address!

  6. You need a tape measure and I would like to send you one...a retractable one at that! Just send me your address!


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