Monday, January 2, 2012

Joyful Tablescapes and More

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I did not find one treasure at the thrifty stores this week. That was so sad. However I have been putting my current treasures into new vignettes around the house and I think they look so lovely that I had to share them with you all. Our apartment is finally looking how I want it to. It just took some time and a lot of moving things around.

This is what my kitchen table looks like right now. It's very simple, but I missed my blue type writer so I thought it would be fun to stick it right on the table because I won't miss it there.

I put out my Peter Rabbit tea set just for fun. 

Here is another little side table in my house that came out so cute

I got the nook under my stairs back from our beautiful Christmas tree, so back went my favorite chair and a few new pieces

It is such a peaceful little nook. Its a great place to read

Hope you enjoyed my table tour and my nook

I hope you all were able to find some lovely treasures at the thrifty stores or garage sales

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. What a cozy corner and I love your blue typewriter on the table. I used to write at my kitchen table for years so it looks perfect there to me.

  2. Wow...I love it all. I love the way you have put it all together. I really like the chair nook with the suitcase stack. Inspiring! Xx

  3. Looks gorgeous, love the reading nook (the suitcases are great). Love the typewriters and I have a thing for scales.

  4. That is so beautiful!! I am terrible with vignettes, maybe that should be my resolution, to actually make some. My fave item of yours is that sweet scale. I have one too, a pink Detecto from the 50's, also a thrift score.

  5. I love your vignettes and hooray for us being typewriter twins!


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