Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   What a joy to share all of my treasures with you today because I finally have some fun vintage to share. We were able to hit some sales over the past two weeks, and we finally found that vintage goodness we have been missing lately. The thrift stores have still been a let down when it comes to treasures, but I have found some great clothing pieces that have made up for it.

Mr Joyful Thrifter got to go to this garage sale a few months back, but I was busy so I couldn't go with him. We were driving and saw the signs up again for THE garage sale and we knew we had to stop. I could not believe how much stuff was for sale at this sale.
I picked up a few cute items and several other items I can't share because they are presents. I found this white elephant under a pile of random items he instantly went into my basket. 
He just said to me "take me home!"
A yellow polka dot frog plate is just to perfect to leave behind. 
I think it would make a great candy plate, or I might put him on my side table to catch random jewelry and bobby pins.
Our last find is an favorite for both Mr Joyful Thrifter and I. We both noticed it and thought it would be way to expensive to bring home. But it sure never hurts to ask the seller. We brought up our basket of small items and the map and asked the real question "How much?" He said the map was $5.00 and the other odds and ends would be $2.00. What a great deal! We were both jazzed. 
We need to find the perfect place to hang this beauty.
We visited a local Estate sale where all of the prices were very high, so we walked over to a neighboring house who was hosting a  garage sale. She had a box full of old books and it was so much fun to dig through and see all the different titles.
I fell in love with this little Bible. So sweet and little.
We also found these great apple baskets. Wonderful to give a gift in or to store all sorts of treasures. We brought the baskets and books and few other items to the seller and asked how much she would take for it all and she said does $5.00 work for you guys. We were very quick to answer YES!
I bought these pots and gardening tools awhile back for $2.00, but have yet to pick up some plants for them yet. 
.What did you find this week? I would love to see your treasures too! You can post your pictures to the Joyful Treasure Hunting facebook page (link on the side bar).
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  1. $5 for that map??!! Lucky you! Garage sales are so great aren't they?! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37 and for your sweet comment!

  2. Oh how I love large garage sales like that. They make me sooo happy. Love that little frog plate.

  3. Love the map! You got so many great finds.

  4. love the elephant and all the rest of your awesome finds

  5. Wow, you DID have some great luck this week! I love everything, but that framed map was a serious score!

  6. Sounds like a bountiful weekend! "Her Ready Made Family" sounds like it would be an interesting read!

  7. The apple baskets are amazing.
    I'm hoping for a spot of op-shopping tomorrow. x


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