Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   I am so excited to announce I won my first blog giveaway recently, and today it arrived in the mail!! First off I want to give a hearty thank you to Brittany at My (Un)Intentional Life for hosting a giveaway! It was my first time to actually win one of these lovely treasure giveaway after entering in countless of them. So without further ado here is my newest addition to my collection...

My excitement was mounting when I could see this little beauty peaking through the bubble wrap.

Isn't she lovely? Oh I was so excited to get this dish. Plus its in the exact same colors as my kitchen. Its a win, win. 

Have you ever won a Giveaway? If so what did you win?

The Joyful Thrifter

P.s after I won this Pyrex dish I also won another giveaway on a different blog. Pretty lucky ha? I will definitely post pictures when that treasure arrives in the mail. 

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  1. Congrats on your first (and second) win! It is exciting and so much fun. I have won many wonderful treasures but I remember my first! It was a hand blown glass ornament! Gorgeous! Enjoy!

  2. i enter all the time! never win! ahh. i have always been so unlucky.

  3. Oh, very nice win! I just won a Birthday Giveaway from Sonya at 'Dime Store Thrift.' I picked a treasure from her Etsy shop and won myself an adorable pair of owls to hang on the wall. Lucky us!

  4. Congrats - yes I do win prizes ;-) Come and see my post on that very subject for some tips!

  5. oooh lovely win - well done you! Ive won a runners up prize of a lovely light pull on dees blog which was great but still waiting on winning the big prize on someones blog! Not long till my giveaway ends so 3 lucky peeps to come :o) Scarlett x

  6. Very lucky indeed! I'm totally head over heels for anything Pyrex in that buttery yellow color!


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