Saturday, April 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow thrifters and Friends,
   I hope this post finds you having a wonderfully thrifty week! My finds this week were lovely, but on the small scale. Which is fine by me because I love small things!

Two little owls found at Target in the dollar section! I was so surprised to see these little cuties there. So I snatched them up of course and I plan on adding them to my fast growing critter collection. Not sure if this is a good collection to grow, but its some how happening without me noticing.

These owls are good friends, and they are thankful to have found a good home. The little "O" leads into my next treasure hunt find...

These are not vintage, but super cute! A children's alphabet made into magnets. I decided not to use them as magnets but rather...

As super cute hanging things on my bookshelf. The whole bag of alphabet magnets cost $2.99, and I almost didn't buy them too! Can you imagine? 

This was just a little find, but I thought it was so cute. Not sure what I will use it for, but for $0.99 it sure is worth a creative try.

A little picture frame for $0.50

And a drum roll please for my favorite find of the week...

A wonderfully cute shelf to house my Pyrex beauties. The shelf was $14.99 at GoodWill, and its really sturdy and fits my dishes so nicely!

What treasures did you find? Please feel free to link up and share your treasures. I sure do enjoy seeing my fellow bloggers finds.

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I love the owls - adorable fellas!

  2. I love this post and all the wonderful treasures!

  3. I love the owls! I might just have to hit up Target. I'm so glad these weren't a thrifted item so I have a chance to find some, too! But I am totally impressed with your thrifting!
    -Sarah Moore

  4. Oh your owls are delightful! Great find. :)

  5. What great thrifty finds! That shelf looks like it was just made for your beautiful Pyrex collection! Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. I like the pyrex collection on the new shelf alot, but I really love the little vintage sewing machine on your shelves.....I'd love to find one!

  7. heee hee - everyone is smitten with your owls - and no wonder they are really appealing. Collections have a way of sneaking up on you don't they?!

  8. the alphabet is to my likings, they look vintage too...

  9. oh wow you have done so well! The shelves are so sweet! and I love the alphabet magnets too! well done!

  10. Wow that sewing machine is so tiny and cute! Seeing it on the shelf puts it into perspective.

  11. I got owls too - there must be something in the air! Love your shelves, they look great x

  12. Very nice additions. I spotted those owls at Target this weekend too, but had to resist buying them. I need to tidy and purge before buying any more decorations...and especially before things get too hectic. But they sure are cute!

  13. As usual, great finds! Love especially the cute cute owls! Your pyrex collection looks so lovely on the shelf too.

  14. Wow LOVE the owls and love what I'm seeing of your style and home. Bout to have a little boy (due June) and hope I find some cute magnets like that for him! And you've got me seriously thinking about morphing my bird collectables into Owls! Keep posting :-)


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