Monday, August 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt finds

Hello Fello Thrifters and Friends,

   I spent most of my usual Saturday thrifting time at this fun event with my mom and a three other lovely ladies...

I had such a blast at the show and being in Long Beach that Mr Joyful Thrifter and I drove down to Long Beach the very next day to enjoy the beach and find some new thrift stores. I found only a few things, but had a great time.

All three of my finds are Pyrex! Not a surprise. The little "watcha ma call it" at the top was $2.39, and I need to look it up in my Pyrex collecting book to see what its purpose is. The little yellow bowl was $2.00, and the lid was $1.00.

I saw this awesome sign outside of a boutique in Long beach...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed our weekend adventures and finished our day with this site... 

It is always such a joy to share my treasures with you all! 

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I like your sunny pyrex bowl - but I LOVE that sign. I'd have photographed it too!

  2. I love pyrex its like sunshine!

  3. I'm loving the Pyrex bowl! and that SHOP sign is great!!!

  4. have you taken a picture of your entire pyrex collection. It will be an an amazing sight. I see your pyrex collection growing. And you seem to always find all the unusual ones! I'm going through a kitchen ware drought here, things are so boring at the stores that I'm yawning my way through the household department.


  5. Great shot of the sign!

    Nice Pyrex finds. The little watcha-ma-callit is intriguing. Please share with us what it is once you find out.

  6. That sign is pretty cool and who needs the invitation :) Sounds like a great weekend! Happy times with loved ones is the best!

  7. That whatchamacallit looks sooo familar! Please let us know what it is! ♥


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