Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pyrex Party

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  Her Library Adventures is hosting an absolutely enchanting link up party all about PYREX!! So I decided to attempt compiling all of the pictures I have taken of my little Pyrex friends and share them with you all again.


This was my first piece of Pyrex I found on my own at a thrift store. I love this little guy!

I put yummy dishes in my Pyrex

I found my first complete set with lids. 

I stored some fairy creatures in my Pyrex

I bought some Pyrex with my mom that came from England

Found my First Fridgie!!!

Found scores and scores of Pyrex at a beautiful Antique store

Yes this is all from one store!

I won Pyrex from a lovely Blogger

I found a ton at the swap meet and felt sick that I spent so much $$, but my sweet Mr Joyful Thrifter was over joyed that I had found such unusual pieces.

Was Given the entire Primary set by a lovely friend who shares my passion of Thrifting and PYREX

We decorated Easter eggs and stored them in one of my favorite yellow bowls

I was gifted more Pyrex by a fellow blogger

She was gracious enough to give me four lovely pieces, so I toasted to her with a cup of coffee and home made pumpkin bread

I received Pyrex for my Birthday

I gave away some Pyrex in my first ever give away!

I traded with my dear mom for lovely this lovely pink dish

I drew the winner for a giveaway using Pyrex

Found my oldest piece of Pyrex for $3.00 at a garage sale

Traded for this much desired piece of Pyrex

Had some baking fun with Pyrex

Displayed it in my kitchen

And finally brought all of my beauties together to live in my "new" hutch

It has been a lovely year of collecting these beautiful dishes. I was asked once why I collect Pyrex, and I told them that I collected it because it is the most cheerful dishes you will find. These dishes have a history and a story with each one that was purchased. I love my dishes do you?

Hope you enjoyed my year in Pyrex

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. What a great roundup! I love how you have it all displayed in your hutch!

    And was that an antique mall in Beaumont?? I tweeted a VERY similar photo the other day... Have a look: http://lockerz.com/s/153569753

  2. What a great post! Love seeing all your Pyrex in one place along with the stories that go along with them. There is still lots of room in that hutch, so keep hunting.

  3. Loved seeing all your Pyrex again - you have some great pieces!

  4. Wow you sure have collected a ton of pyrex. I knew there was a lot from your hutch photo you showed before, but seeing it individually is amazing. I love the oldest piece that is clear glass. Very fun.
    Karen G

  5. Oh wow! My mom still has some of her pyrex! The kind with the turquoise and the dutch people on there. Brings back such great memories!


  6. wow-wee-yow! You have an amazing collection. It is great to have something that brings you so much joy and fun! A couple of those patterns I grew up with I thought I would never want to see again....now as I get older they bring back such good memories I'm thinking of starting a collection to use everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh WOW! You have a pretty awesome Pyrex collection! It's so gorgeous, and you're right, so very cheerful!

  8. Wow you have so much! So very cool!!! I've been collecting Butterprint - I swooned when I first saw a pic of Butterprint on Pinterest and that set me off!

  9. Love your pyrex, what a great collection!

  10. You have a wonderful collection!! I've been collecting for a few months myself..I was recently gifted a china cabinet to display my collection, it just makes me so happy to look at it as well as use. I have pictures on my blog if you'd like to see.


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