Monday, April 15, 2013

Left Behind Pyrex

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  Here is another episode of Left Behind Pyrex. On the show today is expensive Pyrex, and a really special guest of dish washered Pyrex. I have left quite a bit of Pyrex behind lately, and looking through the pictures does not make me regret not buying any of them (phew)

This little guy was being sold for $7.99, and since I already have him I was not going to pay that much to bring him home.
I don't even know how much this one was but it is my least favorite print, so it was not going to come home either way. 
This ugly little brown bowl was $5.99 which seemed ridiculous to me. By the way it is still at the store waiting for someone silly to come and buy him.
Another ugly print. This is just not a happy pattern at all. And the one below I also have. 
A very sad dish washered fridgie for $2.99, which was not that bad but he is very sad on the other side. He too is still at Goodwill.
Two lovelies from france, but they were $14.00 and just not a pattern that I love.
I have so many of these it is not even funny, and for $6.99 not worth bringing home.
Found any Pyrex lately that you DID bring home? I hope you all are having a great Monday.
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  1. I am so happy your lovely comment led me to your gorgeous blog!!! I have been leaving a lot of Pyrex behind recently too, when we moved house I realised I had way too much and sold off some so now I only buy pieces I am absolutely mad about!

  2. I've never heard of this pyrex obsession. And I call myself a thrifter? Funny, I don't see much of it in this area. They are nice though if you find the right pieces.
    I have clear pyrex bowls. I love love them. I make microwave peanut brittle and they are the only bowls that can take the heat without cracking.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  3. I haven't bought Pyrex in a long time. I have so much that I love and I use what I have or some of it and the rest is enough for me. Still the fridgies are the one's that call my name since I use them to organize things on my desk and craft areas if they aren't too expensive I rescue them!

  4. I think the two you are holding are "Iris" from England. (Maybe also referred to as "blue iris"). We seem to get a fair number of British Pyrex here in Canada. I don't find the patterns as pleasing as the North American ones - although I do like Iris better than the others. I did have some of the it - which was gifted to someone else - who does really like it. You have a lovely collection

  5. It appears we share an opinion about the (over)price of Pyrex in thrift stores. In our area, I've quit shopping Goodwill as their prices seem ridiculous to me. I guess they do have 1/2 price days once a month, but I never seem to make it on those days...

    I really DO have enough Pyrex. I've pretty much confined my purchases to one particular pattern - unusual pieces therein (and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the pattern right now!


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