Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life Pages

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   I am still loving my Project life scrap book. I have to admit though that I am surprised that I have kept up with it. In my mind I wanted to keep it up but what I think and reality are sometimes very different. But I have done a two page spread for every week this year, and I am continually proud of myself for keeping it up.

Because I have done so many extra pages and thick embellishments I had to buy an additional album to fit all the pages for this year. I just broke up January through June in one book and July through December in another book.
My birthday was a blast. We had a pool party, and my sweet mother in law made cute cookies and party snacks. Oh and we killed our battery on my actual birthday and waited in the mall parking lot for AAA to come give us a jump start. I love that I have that memory documented.
I am always working on one project or another, and I try to snap a quick picture for my scrapbook.
This date was a blast! I love that I have this page with our mini golf scores and movie tickets.
Moving day for my sister, and a beautiful wedding. That was a full week, but so great.
I made a pocket to put the wedding invitation in my scrapbook for the wedding we attended.
I did two pages for this wedding because I took so many fun pictures that I did not want to leave out. I also got to do a ton of reading and spending time with friends that week.
Getting inspired to document your life? I hope so!
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  1. Such a gorgeous scrapbook. Well done for keeping it up xxx


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