Monday, August 12, 2013

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   This week I don't have any new treasures to share but rather some old treasures I sold at my very first garage sale.  It was so fun making the signs and setting out all of my stuff to sell. I did not have very much to sell, but it was sure nice to get some stuff out of our garbage, and make a few dollars.
 I got to read while I waited for my customers to come to my house!  
I sold a bunch of the clothes pictured, and I also sold all of the items with red hearts on them. 
 What are some of your experiences having a garage sale of your own? Any great stories of strange customers?
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  1. Garage sales?
    I will never have one again.
    Repeat this every year.

  2. Oh there are always some crazy customers! My best friend and I were talking tonight and decided that we are going to have a yard sale soon. Which means I need to go through all of my stuff now. ahh


  3. I say the same thing as "middle child" but still get talked into it again and again. Love going to them, having one-not so much.

  4. I would have bought that round table! I would plan to paint it but then never do it! :)

    We've had 2 garage sales in all our years of marriage. I freeze up while handling money which means my hubs has to do it and he says never again. :(

    Now we bring stuff to a consignment shop- less money but no work!

  5. I wish I had been there to buy the two-tiered round table......

    I've done garage sales in the past, but it's too much work! It's easier to donate to the veteran's and other groups that come by and pick up your donations at the curb! :) Glad you had a good experience!


  6. Growing up my family always had garage sales. I've been married and on my own for 6 years but never done one! It sounds like too much work for too little money. We only get rid of clothes, so we donate to Veteran's of America and they come by and pick up. Maybe if I had furniture and more expensive items I would consider it. At this stage in our lives we've accumulated and are happy with what we have so far : )

  7. I have one every year and I enjoy them. I price my items extremely low, especially the clothes. Clothes are hard to sell. Many people are low income and I like to see how excited they get when they find something they need at a price that they can afford. My daughters will bake brownies and make coffee or serve soft drinks. They, also, sell jewelry that they have handcrafted. I think they like the garage sale more than I do. It is a lot of work but very fulfilling.

  8. We're having a yard sale soon, and I cannot WAIT! It's such a great way to clean out and to meet your neighbors. ;)


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