Friday, August 16, 2013

Having Fun with My Hair

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   During summer it is all about up and out of the way when it comes to styling my hair. I still want to look cute, but my hair gets heavy and hot really quick. I came up with this hair style recently and love how easy it is to do plus it looks cute. I have to admit I did this updo on three day old hair. Three day old hair meaning I had not washed it in three days. Now for me to say that is huge. I am a hard core wash my hair every other day kind of girl, so for me to go three days and not have washed it and still have cute hair is huge.

I wish I had taken a good picture of it in the front, but I didn't. It is simply in a twist around the crown of my hair, and then the bun is on the side. I used bobby pins to fasten the bum more closely to my head so it did not look like it was floating on my head.
Since its only friends here lets get personal. What is your hair style routine? Do you wash your hair every day? Can you go a week and still have those beautiful locks of hair? What products do you love?
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  1. Very pretty! I wash daily, now that I have kids I do it at night instead. I don't love that but it's when I have the most time.

  2. Really pretty! I love twists. I am still growing out my bangs so they are my friend. I can not get away with not washing my hair everyday. I can but second day hair gets a ton of dry shampoo and goes right into a pony tail. But I have always had oily hair.


  3. I love your side bun! Very cool. My hair is wavy/curly and very thick and dry, so I can usually get away with washing it every third day. For "cleaner" hair, though, I love using sea salt sprays to give it that "third day hair" texture for updos.


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