Monday, February 7, 2011

My first post! Oh happy Day!

Hello Thrifters and friends!

   I have been using facebook as my primary way of posting pictures of my thrifted treasures, but after much debate I decided it was time to have an official home for my treasure pictures to live!

I hope my thoughts and posts will be enjoyable, and if I don't keep up with this blog I will delete it and keep you all from the misery of reading yet another boring blog.

I will begin by posting a few of my most recent purchases. Oh a note on my purchases. At this time in my life I am not a thrifter who purchases treasures to sell, but rather I buy these things to love and decorate my home with. That being said, I love when I get to see the prices of things that people buy, so I will be giving ALL of my pricing when I post pictures :)

This wonderful wooden box is a favorite find over the last couple of weeks! However I must admit that my sweet husband bought this little box for me. He told me it was his way of apologizing for cheating on me by going to a garage sale without me. He is a silly, but I was oh so excited to find my treasure waiting for me when I got home.

The Box was bought in love for $1.00

Now to note the sweet bottles on the lower shelf. Those were a swap meet find. I bought 4 bottles (one of the clear bottles has a home in another area of the apartment) for $0.25!!! I know so fun!

What is better then vintage ribbon? Oh thats right vintage ribbon for $0.99 a spool! Oh lovely day!! Each roll has 25 yards on it! Goodness! I might not even be able to get a yard for that price on certain ribbons. 

My sweet husband who spoils me let me buy 23 roles of this gorgeous ribbon! Since my crafting comes in spurts when I have a few bits of free time the ribbon has actually become a decoration in my living room.

I have not entered the ebay world a lot, but when I decided to type in yellow purses I had a wonderful surprise awaiting me! This purse called out to me saying YOU SHOULD BUY ME! Oh and who couldn't answer that call when the little treasure is telling you he only costs $2.99! I bid, and won this little purse! He came in the mail today, which brightened my day!

NOW here are just some pictures of my recent treasures....Prices will be at the end of the post :)

Cute Canisters in my favorite color - Yellow! - $5.99 GoodWill
Tea Container - $0.25 - Swap Meet
Antique Furniture book - $1.00 - Swap Meet (I haggled to get it down to $1.00 My husband was so proud of me! )
Cabinet - $13.00 - GoodWill
Lemon juicer - $2.99 - GoodWill

That is all for today treasure hunters and friends,

The Joyful Thrifter
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  1. Rachael, I love your blog. You did a great job setting it up. It reads as though you have been doing this for years. Even if I didn't know you, I would come back daily to read your posts.

  2. hey rach -- this is a great idea for a blog. i will be a regular reader. i still covet that box. let me know when you want me to take it off your hands :)


  3. Great blog, so professional Dad likes it.

  4. Welcome to Blog Land! Fun to see what fellow treasure hunters find! I love the vintage theme you've got going, you Proverbs 31 woman, you!


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