Saturday, February 12, 2011

My surprise garage sale / thrift store weekend away

Hello Fellow thrifters and Friends,

  My adorably sweet husband surprised me yesterday when I got home from work by telling me we were staying in a hotel that night. HOW FUN IS THAT!!! He booked the hotel in Simi valley so we could go to a rummage sale that we saw in an advertisement. Oh and also of course THRIFT STORES!!!

We had such a great two days, and found some awesome treasures!!

FINALLY!!! A typewriter at a price I was willing to pay, $2.00. AND! its pink! and has a great case :) I found him at a rummage sale

I was also able to pick up my type writer that I have had for years at my parents house, so now I have two typewriters. The next question I have to ask myself is....

#1 - Why did I HAVE to have a typewriter?

#2 - Now what am I going to do with TWO typewriters??

Have no fear thrifters you will not find my new purchase when you are at goodwill. I will keep them both, and find awesome homes for them. I am sure of it :)

This lamp was a favorite purchase of the day as well! He was only $2.00, and perfect for our desk in the spare bedroom. We found him at another great garage sale.

For once my husband actually spent more then me at a garage sale. He spent $10.00 and I only spent $2.00. That is a very rare event!

This pretty little Pyrex bowl was found at Goodwill in Simi Valley, and he was the perfect price of $1.99. He is a perfect sunny yellow color :):)

Happy face pitcher - $0.99 - at Simi Valley Thrift. Perfect for Koolaid :)
 Sweet little tea cup - $0.45 - Simi Valley Thrift (I had bought the saucer that matches this cup a long time ago, and now I have the complete set) I love the handle on this little cup.

Yellow Ice Cream Scoop - $1.00 - Garage sale
Cookie Cutter - $0.75 - Attic thrift store
Sweet little pitcher - $0.69 - GoodWill

I had such a wonderful day of fun! Thanks to my sweet husband who loves to surprise me with days that are soo perfect. I guess today was to perfect because he is fast asleep on the couch. Thrifting wears him out :)

Enjoy the treasure pictures. What did you guys find this weekend?

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  1. Very sad today :( No garage sales for us.

  2. Awesome finds.....I especially ADORE The typewriter..

    It is great having a hubby who can indulge your passions!!~

    (i mean junk/flea market hunting..)..~~~

    x andrea

  3. oh wow, you had me at the typewriter! but then the lamp? and then the pyrex? gah! :) great great finds!

  4. You found some wonderful treasures and what a great husband you have!!

  5. Thank you ladies for the comments!!! Please continue to stop by and enjoy the pictures!

    The Joyful Thrifter


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