Saturday, February 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and friends,

    Today was a great day for treasures!! I went to my first estate sale today, and let me tell you I am a huge fan! This estate sale was in a storage facility in a local industrial park. I was so excited about going to the sale today! We were unable to go right when it opened, but showed up around 11:00. They had tons of stuff. A lot of disney and LARGE furniture, which is not exactly the type of stuff I am interested in, but the sale was still an exciting thing for me. I found a large box of fabric that I dug through, and after pulling out the first layer I discovered these...

SCARVES!!! Lovely lovely ones! I found nine scarves that I loved and a small spool of ribbon, so I offered the guy running the estate sale $3.00 which he gladly accepted.  Here is a close up picture of the lovelies... 

As I was looking through that same box this brand caught my eye, and I knew I FOUND A GOOD ONE!

I found this lovely Vera scarf in the forgotten box of fabric, and I decided that I would make this scarf my first attempt at selling on Ebay (My first attempt at selling on ebay was made possible by the Mr Joyful Thrifter because he is letting me use his ebay account)

Here is a better picture of the lovely scarf

If you are interested in owning this beauty here is the link: Vintage Vera Scarf

Continuing on with the treasures

My first square shaped Pyrex dish. I jumped with glee when I found it under a few other dishes at Goodwill. I hung on to it tight for the remainder of the trip. YAY! I have officially developed Pyrexia syndrome. AND I AM GLAD!!!!

These items were all found at the Assistance League thrift store. I paid $0.25/ea for the magazines and $0.25 for the scoop. 

He was calling to me, "take me home" so I did. I called my husband and told him he was not allowed to tease me about one of my little purchases that I was bringing home. This puppy was only $0.45, and was yet another perfect reason why he needed to come home with me. 

Sweet little vase for $0.45. I love it when Salvation puts their whole store on sale. It makes for a great surprise when you pull into their parking lot and see a huge banner that says 50% OFF ENTIRE STORE!

Adventures in English Literature $1.00. It was laid in the wrong spot at Salvation army, so the queen of finding the outcast pieces picked it up and put it in her basket. 

Great weekend for treasure hunting. What did you all find? 

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. The puppy is so cute. Why do I think he is as close to having a dog as you are ever going to get? Love the scarves, and of course the Pyrex.

  2. Wow! You found some great stuff!! Good luck with ebay!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! It was such a great day full of fun!!

  4. Wow what an amazing lot of treasure - I cant pick out one thing I like more as I would gladly rehome them all. Good luck with ebay, Ive been busy putting stuff on ebay too :o) Scarlett x

  5. What great finds! I love your blog and I hope you keep it up if only for the fact that I like to thrift shop vicariously through you! :-)
    My husband stopped at our local Salvation Army with the idea of getting a little something for me or our son and he found a Shaun the Sheep backpack! Being huge fans of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, and also having been on the lookout for a backpack to carry toys in for our son, this was an extra special find for us! ^_^

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment over at my blog! You have a new follower :)
    Definitely interested to know how that Vera scarf does on Ebay- keep us updated!

  7. You found some wonderful things!!

  8. That is a great Vera scarf, but I love the square pyrex baker the best!

  9. Hiya from the UK - looks like we have a similar idea with our blogs, I love treasure hunting too. What great finds, I would love to go to an estate sale but we don't have them here. We do have car boot sales though and I spend a lot of time (and erm, money) in charity shops. I love all your scarves, the Vera one is gorgeous and I am quite taken with the 20s lady.


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