Sunday, May 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow thrifters and Friends,

   This weekend was chalk full of vintage goodness. As I mentioned in my previous post I got to spend Saturday at the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show. It was full of eye candy let me tell you, but hard on the pocket book. My sister and law and I got some wonderful inspiration, but came away with some very small $5.00 trinkets.  Here are the lovely pictures from the show (sorry I had to post a ton of pictures because they all came out lovely)...

The show was so much fun. I am so glad that we were able to go and enjoy all of the vintage loveliness. Now onto the treasures! We were able to go some thrift stores after the show and found some fantastic treasures!

We saw some signs for garage sales, and decided to try some those out before we went to the thrift stores. I am so glad we did because we stopped at a garage sale that was practically giving away there treasures!

From left to right
Monet book - $2.00. I bought this for my grandma's birthday present. She loves art books, and this one was so pretty.
Vintage books - $0.25/each
Brass candle holder - $0.10
Painted knob - $0.25
little framed mirror - $0.25
Bits and Bobs Caddy - $1.00
In the corner you can see a little Xyron sticker maker that I scored for only $1.00! She said she used it once and never used it again because she only wanted it for the project she was working on. 

From Left to right
Yellow and green Pyrex bowl (Found at goodwill) $3.99
Patterns - $0.50
Country Living Magazines - $1.00/each
Flower pot - $1.00

The green mason Jar was given to us for FREE!!! My sister in law was just mentioning how cute they were when we were checking out and the sweet lady at the antique store said we could have them because she could not find the lids. I got one and so did my sister!

The happy vase and Pyrex bowl were given with love from my mom! She is such a sweet heart, and always finds beautiful treasures for me. The clear Pyrex dish was $1.91, and the fun tin was $0.99.

Mr Joyful Thrifters cute find. Grow your own Pirate ship for $0.69

Two more pieces of luggage. The blue one was $1.47 and the brown suit case was only $2.44.

It was a full treasure weekend, and I put everything away and redid some tables and shelves in the apartment to accommodate the new friends. 

What treasures did you find? Please link up so I can share in your fun!

The Joyful Thrifter

P.s I was surprised with the honor of being featured on Born Again Crafters - Thrifty Things Thursdays what a wonderful surprise that I was not expecting!

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  1. My treasures were sad compared to yours lol

  2. wow you are a fab thrifter, I will never match up with you in my whole lifetime. Haha... and the vintage show is so beautiful! I wish I could fly there to see it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  3. What super fun finds! You did some awesome thrifting! Thanks for joining TTF. Have a great week!

  4. That luggage is gorgeous and such a bargain!! Very impressive :)

  5. I love your finds! Wow on such great prices also. I didn't do any thrifting this weekend at all. :(

  6. That Vintage Show looks gorgeous. I would have loved to go just to take it all in! Those are some great finds, too. That tin is adorable.

  7. I love that luggage! And I've been wanting a xyron...such a steal for $1!!

  8. Woah, so many fun finds for a steal! I love that colorful tin, the suitcases, and that pirate toy!

  9. Oh you found lots of goodies! And what great prices, too. My fav is the bits and bobs caddy! I am attracted to all things glass, I think. LOL Amazing price on the suitcases, that's for sure!
    Am visiting from Linda's party. ~ Sue

  10. So many cool things! I find the prices all very interesting, 1.77 2.44? I never see those prices up here :)

  11. That little caddy is so cool! I would love to have something like that for little craft supplies. So fun!

  12. Love the show pics, both the items and the vignettes. You scored some nice finds too!

  13. I love hearing about thriftiness in another country and the slightly different language used too. I do love it when people buy lots of things and then share them on the net. My finds are over at

  14. You are right- all the pictures came out wonderful. I am looking forward to my first fancy barn show in a couple weeks and hope to take great photos there. As we all know the shows are fun to look at and we'd love to bring so much home, but nothing beats a good yard sale price.
    I am envious over your xyron steal. When you tire of it I might give you $2!


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