Saturday, October 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   It has been a full but fun week here at the Joyful Thrifters home. Here is what we are working on right now...

YEP!!! We are finally moving to a new apartment! We are so excited for a change and a bigger apartment. It will be a great thing. Plus this apartment has a small den, which Mr Joyful Thrifter said could be my new craft room! I am so excited! The thing I don't like about moving is my newly purchased treasures are going straight into a box for moving. So sad. However its for a good cause. Speaking of treasures, here are the lovely treasures I found today.

Today was an awesome garage sale day! Two separate neighborhood sales offered probably 50 garage sales to go to, and tons of fun!

A sweet yellow vase. I feel like its a particular brand, but I just can't seem to place it. I picked it up for $1.00. The sale where the little "R" was purchased was full of great goodies, but none I was interested in. However I found this small "R" and when I asked how much it was they giggled and said $0.25. SOLD! I love its little size. 

Cigar box for $1.00. These are great for storage. 

Two super fun games for $1.00 each. Its funny I never really enjoyed games, but then Mr Joyful Thrifter and I got married and I totally got into playing games. Its so funny. These two games are so much fun. 

I have not found a lot of Pyrex lately, so I was jazzed to find this little fridgie at goodwill for only $1.99

Green wire basket for $1.99. Something funny about Mr Joyful Thrifter is that he hates HATES wicker, so when I see a basket that is NOT wicker I have to buy it.

The following items were purchased at one of the best garage sales I have been to in quite some time. The couple holding the sale were the sweetest people ever. She even welcomed me into her home to show me her collection of Pyrex. 

She was so sweet she kept adding stuff to my pile. She sold me the following items for $5.00

These mason jars are crown mason jars from Cananda. They have the sweetest crown on the front. 

Wonderful little jars and tins

I can't wait to use these light bulbs at christmas time. 

I just love all of these old pictures. I got them all for $5.00. 

Here are some close ups of my favorite pictures 

Finally time to play "Name the price of that treasure"

Have fun and take a guess on how much I paid for this bench 

 I have decided to keep my give away open for 2 more days, so others can join in the fun. Feel free to leave a comment here to be entered in my 150 follower give away. 

I hope you all had a thrifty weekend, and found lots of treasures.

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Those are great finds!!! We love Racko!!! I also put old Christmas bulbs in jars, they are so pretty!!

  2. Look at your finds!! I love all the photos isnt it sad when they are discarded?

  3. As usual you found some great stuff,love the yellow vase and the pictures.

  4. "Wanna buy an R?" Hee hee, remember that guy on Sesame Street? Thanks for the comment on my blog! ~ Jenny

  5. Your vase looks like Camark or McCoy to me. Are there any marks on the bottom?

  6. adore the yellow vase! Good luck with your move!

  7. great stuff you got a good deal on the pyrex fridgie I paid $5.99 for mine at my GW. love the bench im going to say $5

  8. I think the yellow vase might be USA. It's similar to McCoy. I'll guess you paid $5 for that bench, if it was from the same lady who sold you all the other stuff.

  9. 50 garage sales far out!!!! I love the basket in particular, and the yellow vase is gorgeous too x

  10. I love the treasures you found! The Christmas bulbs look so cool in the mason jar! You really made out at the nice lady's yard sale. Love the old jars and the linens, too.

  11. I wish the yard sales in my area were this good. and that grandma has the entire set...pretty sure those are her good plates and everything!

  12. Wow, you have some great finds. I love all of the little vintage bottles. Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays and I wish you a smooth moving day.

  13. That yellow vase is definitely McCoy--great find! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  14. Spring Blossom is one of my favs. Love the old photos.

  15. Wow, lots of fun finds! And congrats on the new apartment! Thank you for joining TTF and I am so sorry I am so late in visiting this week!

  16. The vase and the Pyrex are my faves, but everything is great. Thank you for linking up over at Cap Creations we love having you!

  17. I'm a new your "stuff"....come on over for a visit and follow along too...Happy Sunday, Mariaelena

  18. Those are some great treasures! Love the little R and old pics

  19. I'm truly so envious of your amazing finds!!! Wow. My hubs & I love to play Scrabble and Skip-bo. Oh, and I'm with your hubs--I do not care for wicker at ALL lol :)


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