Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wall color blues or reds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
    I have finally dug myself out of boxes to remind you all that I am still here! We are finally moved into our new apartment, and I am loving our new home. It has so many new spaces to decorate. Once we have internet I will post pictures of our lovely home, but until that time I need your assistance in picking a wall color for my bathroom.

These are two colors I rarely ever decorate with, but I want to do something drastic in our bathroom because I can and because it sounds like fun!

Deep Blue is option #1

Deep Red is option #2

Please leave a comment with your vote. Once the votes are counted that will be my color choice for my bathroom wall.

Before I go I must leave with you with some vintage goodness...

I love the color of this scale, and I now have it in my mind to paint my little scale this sweet green color. 

 (image via Wolf and Willow)

Treasure hunt finds will be back soon once I get a chance to do some thrift shopping.

Hope you are having a lovely thrifty day!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Those aren't my colors of choice either, but I'll pick the deep blue.

  2. Think I'd go with red as might make it feel warmer in there than the blue. But also depends on the colour of the tiles etc.

  3. Since I'm a "blue gal" I'm picking the deep blue! Have FUN and can't wait to see the finished room! Blue and white/cream seem to be refreshing to me.

  4. I'm voting for blue, though red is my favorite color for most other things. I enjoyed your blog. As an estate sale professional, I always find it interesting what buyers are attracted to and why.

  5. Believe it or not Rachael, I am picking the blue. I just think it will really be pretty with the white sink. But then again so would the red. How's that for being helpful?

  6. I say blue. Mainly because colors also can put you in a certain frame of mind. Red is notorious for being a color that makes people antsy, on edge, etc. Remember the phrase "seeing red"? When people get mad? So who wants to upset in the bathroom? ;-)Blue is calming and relaxing. Think of blue skies, tropical waters etc! Love the blue you chose!

  7. Blue would be lovely in the bathroom

  8. I vote that the deep blue will be the better choice. I think it affords more options on decor choice. I think you could go very light like white washed accents and fixtures with the blue or go sleeker with cast iron, perhaps. When I see a red like that I do not think of a bathroom. I really dont like wither one and judging from your style I would have thought you'd go for a deep robin's egg blue before this shocking hue...I'm sure however you style it will make the difference and I cant wait to see what treasures you find to compliment whichever color you choose.


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