Sunday, October 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow thrifters and Friends,

   This weekend myself, Mr Joyful Thrifter, my brother and his wife, and my parents drove down to the Yearly Leona valley garage sales. It was so exciting because you stop at the local market and pick up a garage sale map. We followed the map to all the garage sales, and we found lots of wonderful treasures. Here are the lovely things I brought home.

To commemorate our move I took all of my pictures on a stack of moving boxes, and now I can't wait to move this Friday so I can pull out all of my lovely treasures again.

My first clear bottom Pyrex. It is in horrible shape, but was only $0.25 so I wanted to save it.

Another Bing crosby christmas albums. This one has such fun colors on the cover. I got this record for $1.00. 

I found these wonderful wooden Merry Christmas blocks for $2.00 at a barn sale. This was the first barn sale I have ever gone to, and it is just as awesome as the other blogs make it out to be. 

I also found the scale for $3.00 at the same barn sale. 

I fell in love with this old invoice book. I only paid $0.25 for it. If I was planning a wedding I would use this as my guest book. Its so cute

Vintage ornament, which was given to me by the lady holding the garage sale. 

Dominoes for $1.00. I want to make a birthday card with these. 

When I dragged this bag to the truck Mr Joyful Thrifter looked so confused. I explained to him that this was the perfect new book bag. He couldn't get past the fact that it was a bag for tennis rackets. I saw the beauty in this old dusty gross bag, and I cleaned her all up. 

The bag was so gross, but some armorall wipes helped get her all cleaned up. I must admit though that I did commission Mr Joyful thrifter to help me clean up the bag. He is great and making things look pretty again. 

Oh I paid $2.00 for this wonderful bag. 

Yes I already have a toaster, but it is not as awesome as this vintage green one. Plus it was only $1.00. I just could not resist. 

It's so sweet

Lastly this is my strangest find. I found the first mouse cage at a garage sale, and then a few sales later I found the larger cage. How strange is that? Then a few more garage sales later I found a plastic one, but I did not buy that one. My question for you all is, what would you do with those cages? I have some ideas but I am curious to know your thoughts.  My next question is would you have bought these cages? I paid $0.25 for the little cage and $4.00 for the bigger one. 

I hope you all had a thrifty weekend, and found lots of treasures.

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. What a great variety! I really love the cages, maybe use them for an herb garden or some other type of planter?

  2. Oh my goodness that bag . I was watching " Big" on the weekend, you know the one with Tom Hanks when he is a kid in an adults body? Well there is this scene where he is going to play racquet ball and the other guy has that exact racquet ball bag you have. I even said the Big V how cool it was and how I would find a use for something that cool.

  3. Love your treasures. That scale is amazing and the toaster is so adorable. That would be so cute on the kitchen counter.
    I think the cages would make great Halloween decorations. YOu could put a fake mouse in the small one and docorate it in Halloween colors. They both are fun and I am sure I would have purchased at least the smaller one.
    Karen G @ It's Still Life

  4. it's always so fun to look at your wares, so cheap! And so great looking. THe bag is very chic, I would get it too. The rat cages are funny, I'm terrified of rats so the mere thought of rats trapped in those cages freaks me out so I would buy everything except the cages. ha..


  5. Good finds@ I love the ornament! Very cool.

  6. Those blocks are ADORABLE!! And, such a great price, too :) And, seriously, how fun does a barn sale sound?!?!

  7. Wait, a garage sale map? That sounds really handy!
    I would probably do a succulent garden or similar in the cages. When all else fails I put a plant in random things and it always works.

  8. Love the scale (great price!) and your idea about using the invoice book as a guest list. Very creative idea!

    I would have left the cages behind. Even as I type this I'm thinking "eww, could you ever get them clean enough?". I'd have to use them for something outside, that's for sure. They do have a cool look to them, but I couldn't get past the eww factor myself.

  9. great job!!!! I love the bag and I have been looking for a scale like that forever!!!!


  10. I love the bag! GReat job thrifting!

    - Kim from KIMBERLYMAI.COM


  11. Great outing and nice finds! The toaster is my favorite.

  12. Great finds. Love the scale, how sweet she gave you that great ormement. I would of bought both mouse cages too. You could put some potpourri it in, small flowers, candles, seasonal decorations - endless possibilities.
    I am visiting from the Knick of Time.

  13. Lots of fun treasures here! And yes, I would have bought those cages! They are awesome and will be great for decorating! Thank you for being part of Thrifty Things Friday and have a wonderful day!

  14. I love all of your neat finds! The little cages are FUN! ♥

  15. Great thrifty finds -I would prabably have bought the mouse cages too. Would the smaller one work for organizing pens, pencils and other long skinny crafting tools being held upright in the mesh? I am not sure of the scale?

  16. Now that is the kind of garage sale I would like to find. Here, there is one scattered here and there. You had a field day at this one.

  17. Fantastic finds and wonderful prices!! Love the record....and the toaster!! Happy VTT!

  18. You found some really great stuff! BUT, I'd not have purchased those traps if I knew they were for mice!!! Yikes!! I would have thought they might have been for a small child to catch butterflies or something!!!!! Pretty them up someway and turn them into something awesome, then show us what you did!!! Thanks so much for sharing your great finds with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I'm so glad you did!
    Blessings, Doni

  19. I think your cages are cool! Love the large one !

  20. Okay I have to say these are my fave treasures thus far!! The Bing record is beyond fabulous! Thanx for coming over to party! I enjoy seeing familiar faces. Hope your week started off well.


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