Sunday, December 9, 2012

Joyful Decorating - Christmas Mantal

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   My house has a very unusual mantel that makes it very difficult to decorate and make cute. That just means my creativity is challenged and I must try very hard to get original and make an ugly hard to decorate piece full of beauty. After several put that up and then take that down attempts I am very pleased with the end result. Since we just moved in I jumped right into decorating my house for Christmas. It actually made it easy because then I didn't have to make any decisions as to real every day decorations because Christmas decorations are all about sparkle and cheer.

Here is my lovely little mantel

 As you can tell I have an adobe style mantel that has a very tiny ledge to put little treasures, which if you know me you know that I love little things and have a plethora of them. Some time in the near future I want to paint that brown on the mantel the same color as the walls, but until that time I am making my brown wall work.
I needed something to fill the space on my mantel, but didn't want to spend much money. I decided to put my box of vintage light bulbs to good use. I will be posting a Joyful Creations post on how to make one yourself tomorrow.
 My absolute favorite decoration this year are my skates that I bought this year at an Estate sale for $5.00. They are the perfect Christmas decoration.
 Did you have any challenges decorating your mantel for Christmas? I would love to see your mantels, so please link up on my Facebook page.
I am linking up to From My Front Porch to Yours 2nd Annual holiday Mantel Party

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  1. Love the vintge bulb wreath and ALL the vintage! I don't have mantle so I decorate the top of my kitchen cabinet. I've learned it's not what others have, but making beautiful what you have. Love your ideas!

    Also, I think painting it white would be great! Only because of course, I'm craaaazy about all shades of white:)

  2. Love the ice skates....I have my mother's skates in the basement makes me think I should clean them up and put them out for the season, neat idea!

  3. The ice skates are just the best final touch~

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  4. Love the ice skates! This is such a cheerful mantle!

  5. I love that Bing Crosby record! But you know what I love more? Your awesome profile picture! :) Did you draw it? Either way, it totally made me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to be following you back. Thrift on!

    Blessings from OK,

  6. I love your mantle, very cute. Especially the light bulb wreath. I may go out today and look for some and make one too! I have a fireplace but there is not mantle, the wall is flat : ( I'm a renter otherwise I would put one up!


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