Sunday, December 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  I was sure that I would not have any treasures to show you this week, but I was surprised by an awesome estate sale and a quick stop to goodwill.
I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some husband love today
My Mr Joyful Thrifter spoils me tremendously! He bought me the IPhone 5 for Christmas, which I don't think I have put down since I got it. He also gave me a lovely necklace and a few other fun treasures. Then he took me to the thrifty stores this weekend. I am very blessed by my sweet husband. I LOVE YOU MR JOYFUL THRIFTER!!!

Alrighty I am done now. Onto the fun treasures that I found this week. 

As we were driving to church this morning we saw a sign for an Estate sale. I probably would not have stopped but Mr Joyful Thrifter said we had a few minutes to spare, so we pulled over. The first thing I spotted was this little square table. In my mind I am jumping with joy because it is JUST what I have been wanting for my kitchen. I casually ask the man how much he wants for it, and he says needs to ask because he is not sure if it is even for sale. I was so sad for a second. After he checks he says "yeah its for sale, how about $20.00?" I look at the table and think good price but I am going to offer $15.00. The lady running the sale says how about $10.00 SOLD!!! 
Then Mr Joyful Thrifter spotted these super cute yellow folding chairs. Perfect for my new little table. The seller said $10.00 for all four that she was selling. I asked if she would break up the set and I would give her $5.00 for 2 of the chairs. She was more then happy to just get rid of them. 
Here is my cute kitchen from the family room with my new table and chairs. I think it looks so cute. 
I spotted this old mirror sitting in a corner, and came to find out it was part of a dresser she was selling. I again got brave and asked if she would sell just the mirror to me. She was so glad that I was buying up so much stuff she said of course! She asked me if $5.00 was reasonable and I said ABSOLUTELY!!!
 I can't wait to clean up this mirror and paint it!
As we were leaving and paying the lady I spotted this ladder from the corner of my eye. How much I asked, and she replied $3.00 SOLD!!! I have already started decorating this cutie. 
Now onto my goodwill finds. This adorable needle point wall hanging was $4.99. I just love the little mushrooms in the left hand corner. 
Sweet little flower painting for $1.50. I am nabbing these cute little paintings any time I see them for a wall collage I going to do in my living room. 
Have you found any lovely treasures recently? If so please link up pictures to my Facebook page, or leave your blog link so I can enjoy in your fun.

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  1. WOW Rachael! I love it all, especially the photo of you in the mirror. So cute.

  2. What a sweet hubby! You deserve it all! Love that cute table and chairs! That mirror will be awesome and a ladder also! Score! hugs, Linda

  3. Lucky you to find an estate sale this time of year! That table and those chairs fit your cute kitchen so well. What an amazing find & just what you needed:-)

    Happy New Year!


  4. You were on a roll - great finds !!

  5. You and your hubs did good!!! Smile. Love the table and chairs and the mirror. Great prices. always negotiate. It works.

    I'm smiling at your good luck finds.
    xxxo, Jeanne

  6. You never know what good will turn up on your way to church. You found some great buys and you are fortunate having a husband to share such things with you.

  7. Very good finds, useful right away. I'm following so I remember to come back to see what you are going to do with that mirror.

  8. Nice finds, I'm interested to see how you decorate the ladder!

  9. so many cute things!! I love the yellow chairs--yellow is so cheery! and that ladder?? LOVE IT

  10. those chairs are absolute perfection! i love that they match your mixer in the background.

  11. I absolutely LOVE that embroidered piece. Great find!


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