Saturday, May 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow thrifters and Friends,

    Today was one lovely day of thrifting. I got to spend the day with my mom and a wonderful friend thrifting! It was such a great time. I love seeing the treasures that other people pick up. Its so fun to see peoples eyes light up at something you didn't even notice.

Here are the treasures that I was able to discover today...

I decided to put my favorite find first today because I was to excited to wait. I was so jazzed to find this Pyrex pitcher. I have never seen it before. When my mom saw it she was so excited and was a little jelous too because we collect Pyrex together. As we were looking around there was another one exactly the same sitting on different shelf! Can you believe that! What are the odds? The only downside was the pitcher I found was $2.57 and my moms was $4.57. We couldn't convince the checker to change the price, but it was a good try.

This cheerful pie plate was found by my dear friend and was only $1.25

Lovely green plate for $1.99. I just fell in love with it, and wanted to take it home.

Fire king bowl for $0.75.

YAY! A lid for my lidless fridgie. I was hopping with joy when I found this lid for $1.57.

What treasures did you find? Please link up so I can share in your fun too!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Love the pitcher. Too bad the checker wouldn't fix the obvious pricing mistake! The fridgie lid is definitely worth jumping for joy...they are soooo hard to find. Is it a 501 or 502?

  2. I love the glass jug, aqua is my favourite colour at the moment.

  3. I love the pitcher! I found one myself a few weeks back and put it to good use. It seems like the caps/ lids? are tough to find. I've only seen them in pictures.

  4. same pitcher different price? funny! I like Pyrex but it's so hard to find them at our stores here and they are usually expensive.


  5. Hurrah - fridgie and lid re-united! I agree, it's always fun to see what other people pounce on, in real life or on the net.

  6. Love that Pyrex pitcher! I have a couple of them, but I've never seen that design.

  7. Great find in that Pyrex glass pitcher! And that gree glass plate is beautiful! Thank you for joining TTF. Have a great day!

  8. Love that Pyrex pitcher and the lid for the fridige...Yay! I need a couple of them and I am always looking. Love that green plate!

  9. You found some awesome treasures! The vintage pie plate is prob my favorite! I love thrifting blogs..and yours is fab!!


    Delighted Momma

  10. Very much admiring your Pyrex. I seem to remember my mum had one of those green plates. My very favourite coffee cups that I have match your fire king dish.

  11. Great finds! I love see what other people are drawn to, aslong as its not something I want! ;o) Scarlett x


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