Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Iced Coffee Mocha You can Make at Home

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  Because Mr Joyful Thrifter used to work at a coffee shop he knows how to make yummy drinks at home. Its so fun when he brings me a drink that would normally cost $4.00 at Starbucks and at home its like $0.50 (give or take) Well anyways we had so much fun making coffee drinks this weekend I thought I would share the fun with you all


- Whipped Cream
- Chocolate Syrup
- Milk (cream would be so much better, but we did not have any on hand, so milk works   too)
- Ice
- Brewed Coffee that has cooled down

Step #1- Add milk. If you like a creamy taste add more milk, but if you prefer a more coffee flavor use less milk.

Step #2 - Add Chocolate Syrup. Again the amount depends on personal preference. I like mine sweet and creamy, so we put lots of milk and chocolate syrup. 

Step #3 - Add the coffee. Remember to leave room for your whipped cream.

Step #4 - Add Ice and STIIIIIIIIR. (please ignore the yellow paint on my hands. I could not get it off. That paint is a DIY project that will be posted tomorrow)

Step #5 - Top with whipped cream and Syrup

Step #6 - ENJOY!!!!

I hope you take the time to make a yummy drink, and enjoy the day!

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  1. That looks so darn good! I just might have to try that this summer!

  2. Looks rather yummy!
    Thanks for sharing I will have to try it.


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