Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Weekend DIY Flop

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  In the world of refurbishing and crafting you are bound to have a flop now and again. It just happens. Well this weekend I had a complete flop. I decided since it was the long weekend it was the perfect opportunity to paint my new shelf a pretty yellow color.

Here is the pretty yellow color I chose. 

Look at that focus. I was determined to do a great job painting my shelf.

Unfortunately my spray paint either went bad or I am horrible at spray painting. Not sure, but I am definitely leaning towards the paint was bad because it makes me feel better. The reason I think the paint actually went bad was because it was dripping out the bottle instead of spraying out of the bottle. We may never know

My hand got a better paint job then my shelf!

So what is the plan for my cute new shelf? I will suck it up and sand off all that gross paint, and then I will buy new spray paint and try again. The memory of my project will forever be in my parking spot. (Don't tell)

It was a fun experience, and now I get to laugh about it.

Have you had any DIY flops recently?

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I had some spray paint do that and I tried another can and it was wonderful. Try again!!!

  2. Oh no. Silly spray paint.
    Better luck with take two.

  3. Oh yeah, my flops usually happen around Christmas. That is the time of year I have flashes of Martha-Stewartism and visions of lovely sugarplum crafts to give to my underwhelmed family.

  4. Oh no! I hope my yellow spray paint won't do that! But, yes, I've had many flops but some flops turn into better ideas! Better luck next time! ♥

  5. *Gah!!* That stupid paint! I have never had my spray paint do that so I have to agree it was bad or there was something very wrong witht the nozzle.
    I have no doubts your next attempt at painting the cute shelf will work great.

  6. Yes, it was the can. And try a rolling garment bag thing for a spray tent. Or grass...that gets mowed out.

  7. I had the same thing happen with that exact color and can! It was so disappointing.


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