Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Granny Square Scarf

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   Each week I meet with some girl friends and we craft together. Each of us is working on different projects, but we always get together and work on them together. We also (mainly) talk a ton and enjoy hanging out with each other. Ever since I started crafting with them I have been working on the same project. Scarfs in straight rows. Pretty easy and basic. I decided after this last craft night it was time to challenge myself a little more. Thank you YouTube for great tutorials on how to do all sorts of crafts. I am still in a scarf mode, but that is a good starting point and relatively quickly to finish too.
 I throw my ball of yarn in a Pyrex bowl and it stays put and does not roll all over my floor. 
Oh yeah I also keep my finished squares in Pyrex too.
All ready to be put together.
I also learned how to make flowers too! These cuties were so fun and easy to make. Not sure if I am going to incorporate them into the scarf or use them for something else. 
What new crafts have you been working on?
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  1. a craft club sounds like a wonderful idea... create at your own pace and enjoy the company and conversation.

  2. Good ideas for the yarn and finished squares and you get to admire your Pyrex! I think the scart would look really cute with the green flowers on it : )


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