Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Life Storage

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   Project Life involves lots of little pieces of paper and small details. As I was looking at my desk this week I realized I did not have much organization for my supplies. Time for a fix. I bought a little four drawer storage box at a garage sale for $3.00 and it is perfect for the 3x4 inserts.

 In the first cubby I keep blank tags, in the next cubby are 4x6 cards, in the third cubby are blank 3x4 cards, and finally in the fourth cubby 3x4 cards with phrases on them. All of my little cards look so happy stored inside these little cubbies.

Since Pyrex makes such great storage! DUH! I use fridgies to store little momentos that need to be scrap booked.
I also keep the tools I use most often in my scrap book in a fridgie.
I love this date stamp I bought at Target. I use it so much. It makes getting the date on everything so easy.
I found these two stamps in the dollar section at Michaels and I just love them. 
My desk after spending the entire day cleaning and organizing. This is right before starting a new spread. 
I would love to see your how you store / organize your supplies. 
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  1. so cute. love the flower decoupage. did you find it like that or craft it yourself?

  2. I love the pyrex!!


  3. I use Pyrex and corning ware in my craft room! ♥

  4. I use Pyrex in my work area too! I use brown rice in a Butterprint Fridgie to hold my vintage buttons when I'm gluing them together to make pendants. That little drawer thingy is awesome! Great find!


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