Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sometimes the "new" stores have thrifty prices too...

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Besides going to a thrift store I would say my second favorite place to shop is Target! Today I went to target on my lunch break, and found some great deals! The things I found were about the same prices I would find at a thrift store. I had a great time!

I have had my eye on this binder for awhile, but it was originally priced at $7.69. That was to much for me, but when I saw it today in the clearance rack for $1.92 I had to have it!

The matching paper was a steal too at $1.21 originally priced $4.84

Target had a great line of black and white folders with splashes of color. I bought the other folders at different targets for $0.98/each. This was the last one that I needed, and I only paid a mere $0.24! Score!!! I love this folder. Its so cute! and fun, and weird! and me!

Colorful journel for $0.98 

A wonderfully cheerful yellow mug for $0.48

And Finally my favorite find...

Sparkly silver shoes!! I just fell in love with these flats. Plus they were in my size.

Oh the price you ask...

YEP $3.26!!! Happy dance! 

And if you need reminding all of these items were found at Target NOT at a thrift store.

And now some GREEN treasures around my house to wish you a Happy St Patty's day!

My super cute green dresser 

My favorite green lamp (I bought two of these lamps for $5.00 at a swap meet)

My lovely green and blue bedding

The green and white Pyrex dish I used to put the veggies in for tonights dinner. ( I suppose my green vase in the background counts too)

And finally these great green wooden ..... things.... not sure what to call them. But they were thrifted at  Goodwill for $2.99/each. They hang in my bathroom, and I just love them!

Enjoy your day thrifters! The weekend is almost here where hopefully some more treasures will be found!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Lucky you and your lovely finds! I am really getting hooked on vintage pyrex-ware now--I hope to post mine tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for being my 200th follower!!!

    I'm following you now too :)

  3. I love to find deals like that at target too. I really love your green chest, so cute! Happy VTT!

  4. Love that mug! Target is one of my favorite places too, I am always on the lookout for those little red tags!

    My husband took me thrift store shopping in Ventura yesterday,but we didn't find anything so we went to Target and got a couple movies instead! I found one of my favorite movies, Persuasion, for 5.00$!

  5. You did good! I love to check out Targets end caps. Sometimes you can find some real treasures.

  6. Great bargains at Target, i agree you can get some good deals in the new shops - i love a good 'sale rail'. Your green dresser is too fabulous! Loving the lamp and of course the scrumptious pyrex!! Scarlett x

  7. I love your lamp, dresser and green vase, and that Target diary is gorgeous. Enjoy your new shoes!

    {re the blog award, yes I just copied the image onto my desktop and then pasted it. Click design - add a gadget - add picture - from file and choose the picture}

  8. I love your bargin finds, I tend to hoard stationery and love your folder with matching paper, am so envious! The green dresser is also great.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Great bargains! I love that Target keeps marking items down and down! You found some fab items at super prices. Thanks for joining JFF this week! I have enjoyed looking at your older posts! Love your junkin finds! I have become your newest follower! hugs, Linda

  10. Wow- those are some incredible deals! Even for Target! Absolutely love those fun shoes!

  11. Great bargains! I have never seen deals like that at Target but, then again, I never really thought to look. You can bet I will now!

    ~ Tracy

  12. Magnificent bargains. Love love love your pyrex btw. Have I said that before? Probably, I can't help it!

  13. Well, if I'm not thriftin', you can typically find me at Target! I love that pretty much everything you bought is vintage-inspired. Nice! -diane


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