Saturday, March 5, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  My favorite day of the week is here, and it has been yet another great Saturday!  Mr Joyful Thrifter took me to the San Fernando Swap meet today, and since I had never gone before I had HIGH hopes that we would find tons of treasures. Lets just say we decided about half way through that if we never come again it would be ok. We are not interested in "new" items, and that was pretty much ALL they had for sale at this swap meet. We were glad that we went, but we also don't need to go again any time soon.

After the disappointment of the SFV Swap Meet we decided to go over to our local swap meet, and the moment we walked in we breathed a sigh of joy at the sight of some great "junk". We did'nt find much at the swap meet, but had a great time seeing all the great stuff. The only thing I came away with are these sweet little sewing cards, which I only paid $0.25 for...

The real treasures were found at goodwill this week! Here are the treasures I picked up last night during a spontaneous Goodwill trip initiated by Mr Joyful Thrfiter. What can I say he really loves me and takes me to all my favorite spots even when he is tired.

These are sweet little reusable ice cubes in the shapes of lemons, limes, and oranges. I thought that they would be so fun during summer in a glass of lemonade or water. Plus they were only $1.99.

I found this little cutie, and thought it was so sweet. Goodwill has increased their prices by almost double recently, so to find this little guy for $0.99 was a real miracle. I plan on hanging a little tea cup off of it in my kitchen. 

YAY another "R" to add to my collection. This "R" came from pottery barn and the original price tag said it was $10.00. I was glad to only pay $1.99 at Goodwill. 

The first book Container Decorator has some wonderful ideas making / using containers for decorating. It was originally $2.99, but the 50% off tag color at goodwill was yellow so I got him for $1.50.

I was so excited to find these Mary Engelbreit books! The Outdoor book was another yellow tag item at Goodwill so he was also $1.50. The cookbook I paid "full" price for at $2.99.  Mary Engelbriet has such cheerful art. I just love curling up on the couch and looking through her books.

I love books that are set in Jane Austin's time, so when I saw this book I snatched it up. I can't wait to read it.  The original price was $13.99, so I was glad to only pay the goodwill price of $1.99.

Ok I saved the best for last this week...

My heart still gets happy when I think that I found my first complete set of Pyrex dishes WITH lids!!!! I had a blast photographing these lovelies. I found this whole set at Goodwill for $14.99. I thought that was a good price to pay for the complete set with lids. Plus I loved the pattern, and they were in perfect condition. And my husband told me I would regret it if I didn't buy them. I told you all he is great. 

What did you find this weekend? Andy wonderful Treasures?

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Cute finds, those sewing cards are sweet. Enjoy your pyrex!

  2. Love the Pyrex! And the Mary Engelbriet books. I have a few of hers too. She is one of my favorites. I went to an estate sale this morning. Had to stand in line for twenty minutes waiting to get in. The prices were astronomical. What a disappointment. Oh well, there is always next weekend.

  3. I have read A Walk with Jane Austen. It's a good book, and I even sent one with Lindsey when she went to Oxford and met her husband. The subject was perfectly appropriate.

    I'm intrigued by the container decorating. If you do use any of your finds to contain and decorate, take pictures!

    To God be all glory,

  4. I love finding sets of pyrex, but even more than that I love finding casseroles WITH LIDS. I am in need of a couple of those lids ;)

    I posted this week's happiest find on my blog:


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