Saturday, March 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   This was a wonderful thrifting week. My thrifting actually started on Tuesday because I got the the day off from work to spend with Mr joyful Thrifter. Our first adventure on our day off was to meet up with my parents and brother at the swapmeet.

  I got my mom hooked on Pyrex! wahoo! Which was awesome because we found so much at the swap meet. We were giddy with excitement!

Lovely bowl for only $1.00

Sweet little green Pyrex for $1.00

My mom was the first to pick up this lovely Pyrex from England at this same wonderful booth (sorry for the poor picture I used my cell phone)

This dish is so lovely! Care to take a stab at the price? Yep you guessed it $1.00! Can you believe it! The dishes are in fantastic condition! My mom and I felt like we were stealing them, but were so excited that we didn't care! The lady just seemed like she wanted to get rid of her stuff, and almost everything was $1.00

Again at the same booth I found this glass bake dish and bought it for my mom at the magic price of $1.00

The fun and deals did'nt stop there!

I found this sweet little book about writing letters for $1.00. I love writing cards, so this book had to come home. Its full of sweet inspiration for letter writing.  

WAIT CAN IT BE? MORE PYREX!!! Yes!! I found yet another Pyrex dish at the swap meet!! MY FIRST FRIDGIE!!!! I paid $5.00 for this dish in perfect condition. I just had to take it home. I still get excited when I look at it.

These are my favorite finds of the day...

Three vintage Avon lotion bottles. Almost everything I bought at the swap meet on Tuesday was that perfect price of $1.00. That being said I only paid $1.00/each for these wonderful bottles.

Here is another angle of these lovelies...

Yes they have handles! Doesn't that just add to the cute factor?

I suppose it was an Avon day because I also found this Avon soap dish...

The dish was only $1.00 and on the back it says its from 1978. Such a beauty. I found it at the awesome Pyrex booth from earlier in the post. When I bought this soap dish I had another fellow thrifter in mind, so I gave it to her as part of a house warming present. She loved it!

After we were finished scouring the swap meet my mom wanted to look for a book case, so we all headed over to The Salvation Army. Unfortunately no book cases were to be found, but I found this awesome treasure...

Polaroid camera for only $2.44

And if those finds treasures aren't enough here are my GoodWill finds

YES MORE PYREX! I can't believe how much wonderful Pyrex I was able to find this week. Oh happy heart!

I just love this mixing bowl! The flower pattern is so sweet. I paid $2.99, which was great because it was the first clear bowl with a pattern that I have ever seen. 

Look who is hiding in my yellow bowl...

A cute little skunk figurine! He was sitting on the shelf, and I just fell in love with him, and for $0.99 I had to take him home.

Here is a better picture of my new friend...

My treasures this week were so wonderful! I had such a great time finding them too.

What treasures did you find? Please feel free to link up, so I can enjoy seeing your finds too.

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. What awesome finds! I love the skunk! So cute. I love my Pyrex and your finds for $1 are amazing! hugs, Linda

  2. I had so much fun with you on Tuesday. I love the glass bowl you found. I have never seen a clear one with flowers either. Great find! No treasure hunting today, but yesterday we did go to a Good Will. Didn't find anything, but this particular Good Will was on Route 66, so that was fun.

  3. Your Pyrex is great! I have two refrigerator dishes - a yellow one and a blue one - and I love them. I use them all the time! Pyrex just reminds me of my mom and simpler times. I'm visiting from A La Cart and I'm your newest follower. I hope you can visit me and follow back at Cottage and Creek. Love your thrifty treasures!

  4. Wow!! You have found some lovely things this week. I love the Pyrex and the Avon bottles are gorgeous :)

  5. Cute skunk and I love your pyrex...there seems to be more of it in the US. Maybe us Aussies hold onto it longer because it is such a good product. I think it is quite sacrilege to throw out pyrex here

  6. Those Avon bottles are just adorable!!

  7. Wow where do you store all that pyrex? Do you use it or just keep it to admire?

  8. wow awesome Pyrex haul! I wish I can find that many Pyrex dishes at that kind of crazy prices! And the transparent one is a rare one. Hope to link up pretty soon and share what i found. Have a great week!

  9. I'm lovin' your Pyrex finds, ALL, of them! I think that little skunk is just enchanting. What a sweet little face. I love how you placed everything for the photos too. Very well done! The Avon bottles are beautiful. I also love the glass bowl with flowers on it. Superb finds! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh I am following you now too! I love the way you write and your blog is just lovely.

  11. You're a pyrex pusher! Do you have no shame? ;-)Love your nesting mixing bowls and those little Avon bottles - never seen anything like them before. x

  12. Wow amazing Pyrex finds! I love your Avon bottles, the colours on them really stand out, and they look so pretty. Bx

  13. The Pyrex finds are simply amazing- I can hardly believe the prices!
    And I'm pretty jealous of the vintage polaroid camera ;)

  14. What fun little Avon bottles, I can see why they were hard to resist! Will you use them for vases or general prettiness or?

  15. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I knew the Avon Bottles would bring the most chatter on my little blog. They are just that unique. I have them sitting on a lovely little blue table at the moment, but I am sure I will move them around and use them for many different things.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  16. You hit the pyrex jackpot! Those are beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursdays!


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