Saturday, March 19, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   This week offered many wonderful treasures! But before we get to the treasures I have to share this picture...

Is that not the cutest thrift shop sign? PLUS this is one of the most fun thrift stores I have been into for awhile. The owner was such a cheerful woman, and her friends were so funny. They were all bickering over different projects to do in the shop. It was so entertaining. The store was chalk full of antiques, but at thrift store prices. These are the treasures that I bought at this thrift store...

Finally a blue typewriter! I have been wanting one for some time, and I was jazzed when I found this one. When I asked the lady how much this gem cost she said $5.00. SOLD! 

I also got these two Pyrex mugs for $1.00. Could anyone fill me in on the pattern? I have never seen it before.  The handle is so sweet on these little mugs.

The rest of my treasures were found at other thrift stores...

Sweet round table cloth for $1.99 found at the Goodwill

Brand new Salt City candle for $2.99. These candles retail for about $18.00. The candle smells great too! Can't wait to start burning it.

Fun Cookbook copyright 1959 found at an estate sale for $1.00. My sweet thrifting mom bought this treasure for me.

Here is a peak inside...

 She also bought this CD for me...

Fun 50's love songs and it was only $1.00. This estate sale was right down the hill from my parents house, so that made it even more fun because it was local. The prices were great too, which made it even better.  

Cute little pepper shaker for $1.00. Mr Joyful Thrifter and I decided that we don't ever need to go back to this thrift store. It was really weird. I mean thrift stores can be full of weird things, but this one was off the charts. Glad we found at least one little treasure. 

I fell in love with this craft basket, and I got it for $0.75 at the assistance league thrift store.

The last treasure is a special lovely from my mom

A sweet Pyrex dish that she found at a swap meet for $2.00. I was so excited that she bought it for me.

What treasures did you find this weekend? Please feel to link up and share your treasures. My favorite part of the week is to see what my blogger friends got a the thrift stores. 

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  1. Did you make it out to The American Way Thrift Store?
    I went to the garage sale on Hierba. I got 5 signed and numbered prints for .50 ea. plus a Royal Albert "Blossom Time" teacup and saucer for a dollar. I found it online for $29, so I was happy : )
    Nothing like searching for treasure!

  2. I saw those prints, but did'nt know what to do with them! You got a better deal on the tea cups! we paid 2.50. great job! I bought the cookbook at that sale.

  3. BTW, is the thrift store in the photo the one on Sierra Hwy. in Palmdale, about a block down from Palmdale Blvd.?
    Oh, and when I was done on Hierba, I only had a dollar in quarters left, so I offered it to her for the teacup and she said, "Yes."!!!

  4. WOW that typewriter is AWESOME!! love the pyrex dish too..DROOL!!

  5. that cookbook ad the craft basket, they are such wonderful finds, really! and i agree on the shop sign outside, looking good.

  6. That is such a sweet shop sign. Great finds all - the typewriter is just lovely!

  7. Excellent finds, I love that type writer! What a bargain, and the cover of the cook book is so pretty! Glad the store lived up to the fab sign!

  8. Love the shop sign, i'd be in there like a shot! You found some amazing stuff, i would love to own them all! I'm off to the car boot sale in a bit so hopefully i'll have some great items to share later. Scarlett x

  9. Loveliness after loveliness. Especially love the craft basket and the cook book, the pyrex and the table cloth. What utter bargains! Oh yes, and the thrift shop sign is sooo enticing.

  10. Love the table cloth and the craft basket, great colours.

  11. Love the table cloth, Pyrex, typewriter, yarn basket and the lovely cookbook! Thanks for sharing your terrific thrifted treasures!

  12. That craft basket is fab - and what a bargain! I don't actually know how much $0.75 is exactly - but it certainly sounds good! Glad you got your pyrex fix in too ;-)

  13. oh that typewriter!! love it♥

  14. I think my mom had a typewriter just like that but olive green, I think!! So many treasures.

    Thanks for bringing this to the Penny Worthy Project!

  15. Hi I found you at Flea Market finds. What lovely finds you have and such good deals. thrift stores here in Singapore are not that cheap. Thanks for hosting!

  16. So many beautiful treasures! I love the Thrift Shop sign you've shared- I'd love to hunt there!

  17. Great blog! I love your style and am now following =D

  18. Oh wow, $5 for that typewriter!?! It's gorgeous!!!


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