Saturday, March 12, 2011

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   This week sure offered some great thrifting treasures! I am just going to jump right in with the pictures...

Since I gave this away today as a housewarming present I am not going to post the price I paid. I am thrifty but not tacky. However I still wanted to post the picture because I thought it was such a great find. The bottles say that they are made in Spain. I always value a treasure that is from  a more unusual location. 

Speaking of finding treasures from unusual locations, this little mug came from Sweden. The fun birds is what caught my eye, and then the price was perfect $0.99. I looked up the brand name of this little piece, and many items go for quite a bit online. This exact same cup sold on Etsy awhile back. However at this time I don't have any intentions of selling him because I think its just to cute!

I have been looking for green candles in this size for a few months now. I found the set of two green candles for $1.99 at goodwill. PERFECT!

Now onto the little Corningware dish. I am not a huge corningware fan, BUT I saw this at goodwill and it was only $0.99. I bought it with the thought of it potentially being the beginning piece to my first giveaway. However I am not sure, and it may end up becoming a gift to another friend. 

All of the above treasures were purchased during the week, and the rest of the treasures I found today up in the Camerillo / Ventura area.

I fell in love with this little ferris wheel for just $1.75. I am going to put candles in the little holders.

This little plate was my only Pyrex find of the week, and the matching cup was nowhere to be found. I paid $0.50 for the saucer, and I hope to eventually find the matching cup to make the set. 

The little jar on top was $1.50, and I think I will put flowers in the little holes. It will be a fun spring accent in my kitchen. 

This book was full of some crazy fun pictures. I think I am going to tear it apart (because it is already in sad condition from its previous owner) and use the pictures for card making.  The book cost a whole $0.50.

YAY for a new sturdy book bag! This bag was only $3.95 and will handle the large amount of books I take with me every day when I leave the house. I think I have a phobia of not always having a book with me. I just love knowing if I have five free minutes that I can grab one of my "car" books and read for a bit. 

This fun necklace was a Goodwill find, and I paid $2.49. I already have several outfits in mind that I am going to put it with. 

And last, but definitely not least, my husbands thrift store purchase.


WALL-E was one of the first movies we saw together while dating, so it has a special place in our hearts. Mr Joyful Thrifter found this pillow at Goodwill and said that he was going to come home with us. Plus he was 50% off, and only cost $1.00. One of my favorite things is when my sweet husband finds a cute treasure he says we have to bring home. I love putting his treasures in the best places in the house because I think it is so special that he shares my treasure hunting fun, and enjoys it too!

What treasures did you find this weekend? Please feel free to link up your blog. 

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  1. I got a sport's ball metal basket at a garage sale this morning for a dollar. It is now holding CDs and looks pretty cute!

  2. the book! and especially that mug from sweden... swoon, swoon...!

  3. I got a miniature baby carriage that might be old.......or might not be, but it sure is cute. I think I paid too much, but Junken Daddy said go for it, so I did!

  4. that mug is really cute! i also have a soft spot for wall-e...

  5. oh Wall-e is definately a 'keeper'.. and Corningware, I love Corningware and have lots of pieces, particularly the blue/white cornflower pattern...good find!

  6. love the bag - i would have snapped that up! Jars are always a winner in my house, i cant stop buying them :o) Scarlett x

  7. Great finds - I would have been joyful too! And been very happy with the jars as a housewarming gift.

    I too know the fear of having nothing to read -and the ferris wheel is rather fabulous!

  8. wow sooo many different finds. LOVE the handbag especially.

  9. I have given you a Leibster Blog Award. Check my blog for details! x

  10. What lovely thrifty finds! I Love your Swedish mug with the funky birds design, and your Hubbies Wall-E pillow looks very cute.B:)

  11. That Swedish mug is so cute, and I so know what you mean about Corningware. The patterns are nothing compared with Pyrex and Glasbake. I love their blues and greens.
    My Flea Market Find

  12. I love thrifting with my fiance. Sometimes he chuckles at my finds, but I am always so proud when he finds things of his own! It's so fun.

  13. I love the WallE pillow. I bought that for my nephew a year or so I wish I had got one for me! LOL


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