Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joyful Decorating - The Yellow Shelf

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I recently re-did the yellow shelf in my hallway to give it a very vintage feel. Plus I wanted to display my family photographs and some favorite old photos that I have found at garage sales.

Hello Little shelf full of treasures

These are my great grandparents

This is my Grandma as a little one

The handsome guy on the lower left is my grandpa

 This is my sweet mom at one of her baby showers. It is one of my favorite pictures because its candid and she looks so happy. 
On the left is my great grandma again.

That handsome guy on the right is my dad in junior high. He was a good looking fella. 

It was fun to display my loved ones in my apartment, and now to share them with you lovely friends.

The Joyful Thrifter
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  1. oooh i love it!! so vintage!! and love all the keepsakes :)

  2. It all looks prefect together and I do love the yellow shelf. It's happy looking! Great photos of your family.

  3. Wow your yellow shelving is beautiful. I have a real passion for yellow these days. Loved seeing your photos and nick nacks

  4. Loving the yellow color on this piece. I'm currently having an affair with yellow and gray! Great spools as well. Enjoy

  5. I really like this shelf and the way you have decorated it is perfect. I need to find some of my old photos and display them. hugs, Linda

  6. I adore old photographs and hearing a little history behind them is even better! Love your yellow shelf in all it's vintage inspired glory. xxx

  7. Love love love this! Definitely just pinned it for future inspiration.

  8. Very cool, you put it together so nicely. I love that little green car too! I saw Pyrex yesterday at the Thrift store and thought of you!

  9. I really like your yellow shelf -- especially the way you mixed it all up, rather than keep to a theme. It's so sweet to have pictures of everyone we love when they were younger!

  10. It's beautiful, it would make me smile everytime I passed it

  11. Love Love Love....the shelf looks fantastic & I love the interesting old things you're decorated it with. Xx

  12. Those pictures are real treasures and I love how you displayed them.

  13. What a nice memory shelf - very nicely done!


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