Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   After a very long week it was wonderful to have a day of relaxation. I really wanted to visit the thrift stores in Ventura, and my sweet Mr Joyful Thrifter agreed to take me on an adventure. We had such a lovely time. The weather was absolutely perfect. I love a day where all I need is a light sweater and cute skirt and ballet flats. That is a perfect day. Here are the lovely treasures that came home with me.

Two green tins for $0.29 each. I am not sure what I shall do with these cute tins, but the price was just right. I will either use them for decorating or use them as part of a gift. The options are endless.

Another Pyrex pitcher with lemons and oranges. I have the smaller version of this beauty, and now I have its mommy. I got it for $1.99, which was a fantastic price for this pitcher. 

More lovely Pyrex. This one was found at a new thrift store I had never been to before. Mr Joyful thrifter discovered it when he was picking up some inventory for his work. It was not a great thrift store as far as ummm....cleanliness goes, but it still had some gems hidden inside. This double dish was only $2.50. 

These wooden hangers are fantastic for hanging doilies or old photos or whatever. I bought two of them awhile back, and when I saw this stack for $1.95 I had to snatch them up. 

My favorite find of the day was this awesome TV tray. Look at that detail on the top. 

I will post pictures later this week of where this little tray ended up in my apartment, but for now I will just share how much I paid for her. I got her for $2.99. I just loved it.

Hope you all had a wonderfully thrifty week!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Great stuff! Can't wait to see where the TV tray landed...

    I enjoyed MY thrift store trip this week, too. "Cheap thrills," I dubbed the outing.

  2. It's always so fun to discover a new thrift store. I saw a sign the other day for a new Goodwill "coming soon" and was so excited. I know there are lots I've not discovered here in Buffalo but do quite well at Amvets and the Salvation Army. You got some nice things! They Pyrex divided dish is a real winner! And I buy the pant hangers too. I've even sold some in my etsy shop. Glad you had such a fun day. It's so good to take time for ourselves after periods of work and stress. I had a stressful end of the week with my mom hurting her back so I'm planning a few hours of "play" today just for me. If you haven't entered my Choose Joy Giveaway, please do! The drawing is Feb. 14th.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  3. What great buys. I really like those green "things". They look so springy. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm glad you found your Pyrex fix. hehehe

  4. There are so many sizes of the juice carafes - aren't they great?? Nice finds....

  5. Good, no GREAT junkin finds! I love the little green tin tubs! So cute and so versatile! I love the Pyrex juice bottle also. Hugs, Linda

  6. Really great finds! Love the vintage globe as well.

  7. Awww great thrifty finds! And the Mister did good too!

  8. I *LOVE* the Pyrex juice container. Adding you to my blogroll :)

    Hope you will participate in my Link UP

  9. What great finds and you can't beat those prices!
    I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  10. Man, you found some great priced items! I wouldn't have been able to resist either!
    Blessings, Doni

  11. Great finds, super prices!!!
    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can


  12. what IS it about trays? i gravitate to them all the time. that design is fab, and i probably would have made it mine as well!


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