Monday, May 28, 2012

A Joyful Adventure!

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  Today was a lovely day! My sweet Mr Joyful Thrifter had to work, which meant I had an entire day off to my own devises. Now that is a scary thought. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do all weekend, and then late yesterday it hit me. I should go and wander around the Huntington Library. I have not been since I was a little girl, so it was great fun to go there again. Plus Mr Joyful Thrifter is not the biggest fan of museums, so it was the perfect outing for me to go on while he is working. Enjoy seeing pictures of my lovely afternoon.

The entrance got my excited about my day ahead

There was an awesome light display in the museum. 

Like my new look?

The gardens are so beautiful


The Pinkie! (took me forever to find, so I had to document it )

I hope you all had a lovely day!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I had forgotten how lovely Huntington Library is. I see that you found Pinkie, but did you see Blue Boy? I'm glad you had a lovely day all to yourself.

  2. Looks like an amazing day! Love the photos of the Bonsai trees!


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