Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome to My Closet

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  One of the things I love about our master bedroom is that we have two walk in closets. His & Hers. I love having my own closet with no boy clothes in it. To be honest though I have crept into Mr Joyful Thrifters closet a bit because I keep my purses and jackets in there. But for the most part all of my clothes are in my closet.

 Happy spaces are meant to be shared, so I am happy to welcome you to my closet. Someday I think it would be so fun ti paint it a bright color just for fun, but for now my clothes have to be the art.
I L-O-V-E my jewelry storage. I found that when my jewelry was stored in drawers or in a different space then my clothes that I would forget to wear it. I saw this idea for storing jewelry on Pinterest, and for me it is the perfect way to store my necklaces. Also they don't get all tangled up either. Mug holders  make great storage for bangles and bracelets.
My storage for earrings is not as cute, but this plastic holder is great for keeping them separate and not lost or tangled up. I bought it ages ago at a garage sale for $1.00. It has worked very well for me ever since. 
I organize my tops by color. Lately I have been thinking of organizing them by style (i.e long sleeve tops, tank tops, and short sleeve tops) but I have not gotten around to that. Right now organizing them by color seems to work well. 
Below my tops are skirts and pants. 
I love that one side of my closet has a spot for dresses or longer clothing. Now the hems on my dresses don't get wrinkly. 
I use a laundry basket to store my scarves. I am not very organized with them, but this at least keeps them contained. When winter returns (PLEASE COME BACK FAST) I love digging through this basket looking for a scarf to pair with my outfit.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.
I found these baskets at Goodwill for $6.00. I have a huge pet peeve about those hanger stretch marks on sweaters. I never hang my sweaters so instead I fold them and put them in these baskets by color. This system is the best one I have ever had. It keeps them organized and I love seeing them all folded up. On the bottom basket I keep all of my flip flops. I can just toss them in. EASY!  
Thanks for touring my closet!
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  1. Thanks for sharing and letting us snoop around! Your jewelry organization is fabulous.


  2. Your jewelry storage is fantastic! I love how you can see everything you have, but it doesn't look cluttered.

  3. Nice, big closet! I also hang my necklaces like that, but I use S hooks! And I love my earring storage, I got an old window screen at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and hang them on that! Love it! As far as shirts, I like sorting them by type!


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