Saturday, March 3, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   What a perfect Saturday. My lovely day was filled with estate sales, thrift stores, and tea with a friend. It was truly the most relaxing enjoyable day. I am a very blessed individual.  Mr Joyful Thrifter and I had the hanckering to go to an estate sale today, and we saw one advertised in west Los Angeles. We thought "why not it sounds like fun", and based off of the pictures there might be some good items. We got there about an hour after the sale started. I wanted to check the kitchen items first because I saw some Pyrex in the kitchen photos that I was interested in. To my horror there was a yellow Pyrex bowl that was priced at $18.00, and at the estate sale it stayed. We only stayed about 15 minutes because the place was packed, and the prices were outragous. Off to the next sale we went. This sale was a polar opposite because unlike the previous one everything was relitavely neat and clean where as this one was basically a dump. The whole house looked like it was teaming with small little creatures. GROSS! We left that one pretty quickly as well. We decided it would be safer to hit some thrift stores and see what treasures could be found that way.

Here are some of the lovelies that came home with me 

I saw this scarf hanging on a lonely rack and I loved the pattern. It was not until I got home that I realized it was a Vera. I was very pleasantly surprised by that, and I only paid $1.95 for it too. 

I also found this wonderful window mirror at the same store. It is going to look great above the bed in the spare bedroom. I found it for $9.95, and I can't wait to hang it up.  

When I spied this beautiful pin at the check out stand it called to me to take it home. I paid $1.50, and I think it was well worth it. It is a pin, and can also double as a necklace. It is truly the sweetest little pin. 

The next little finds were purchased awhile back, but I forgot to post about them. 

This little owl is just so sweet and little. I paid $1.99 for him and he loves living at my home. 

This was the find of the year so far! I went the thrift store on a work errand actually to see if I could find a used desk for a co-worker. The desk I went there to see was sold, and as I was walking out of the store I spotted this amazing piece on the carts with new items. I gasped when I saw it across the room. I snatched it so quickly. I could not believe my eyes. The yellow dots was here in real life. I was really scared to see how much it was going to be. I was SHOCKED to see a $1.99 price tag on it, and into the check out line I went. I took a shorter lunch to accommodate my quick purchase. I knew if I left it there I would regret it forever. I am so excited to finally have a dots in my Pyrex collection. 

Here is a quick snap shot from my tea party this afternoon

I tried a new tea called pear mango, and it was such a lovely light tea. It was so soft and yummy to drink. 

Their scones are the most delightful things. So yummy. 

Hope you all had a wonderfully thrifty week!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I love the Vera scarf and that little pin. Gorgeous!

  2. The dots for only $1.99?! LOVE! Good find :)

  3. Hi! I love the dotted bowl - great find. I found something when I was out thrifting today that made me think of you - I have been following you for awhile and altho I don't collect Pyrex - I love seeing the items that you find. Anyway - on that note - I found something I think you might like and I would like to mail it to you. You can check me out on my blog "The Painted Pear" at and/or email me at I often find things that remind me of the people who's blogs I regularly read and I just couldn't resist this time actually picking it up!

  4. Oh my, yellow and spots, you lucky thing, the bowl's a beauty. x

  5. Gorgeous little brooch & pyrex dish!

    Catherine, XO.

  6. I have only recently been sucked into the world of Pyrex but our meal times are already improving. I'm making much more of an effort to serve and present a better varity of food just to use the bowls! The pin is also ever so sweet!

  7. I love the pyrex! Pyrex is my new addiction!

    I hope you will link up your finds to my weekly link up :)

  8. that pyrex is such a good find! i love that pattern, but it is always so expensive!
    and man that scone looks delicious!

  9. The yellow dots is a great find!!

  10. I absolutely adore that little girl pin! Great find.

  11. I can't believe you found the yellow dots bowl for 1.99! That's one of those "once in a lifetime" thrifting scores. Good for you!

  12. You found a Vera - great!!! I haven't found one in weeks, my luck changed on the weekend - found one!

  13. I love the New Dots bowl! I wish I could collect them, but I have too much Fiestaware on my hands! I find pieces here and there, and sell them in my etsy shop. I recently found the blue Americana bowls!

  14. I saw those yellow dots in your thumbnail (at Apron Thrift Girl's party) and came right on over. My post is (partially) about Pyrex as well. That stuff is addicting. Great finds!


  15. You were obviously meant to have those dots!!

  16. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Love how the mirror looks like a window, I have one similar. And love the pyrex too, such a great color!

  17. Great finds! The dotted pyrex bowl is absolutely adorable and that mirror window was a steal!


  18. Lovely finds! I especially love the Pyrex bowl. I have that one, but it's in poor condition. :(


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