Saturday, March 31, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

    MY OH MY OH MY!!! Today we went to THE best Estate Sale we have ever gone to. We had very low expectations of this sale, but we went anyway because local Estate Sales are so few and far between. We knew things were going to be great when we saw a pricing chart posted with these prices listed:

orange tags = $0.10
Green tags = $0.25
Red tags = $0.50
Pink tags = $2.00
Everything else marked with prices

IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!  I suddenly realized the things I was interested were only $0.10 each. I quickly began making a pile of beautiful treasures. So without any more waiting here are my wonderful treasures.

Two wonderful magnets each $0.10 each.

I love this penguins tie! He is so cute.

Who wouldn't want an owl magnet this cute

Yes this milk glass bowl was only $0.10, and that is why this was one of the best Estate Sales we have ever been to.

A wonderfully sweet Christmas plaque for $0.25.

I mainly bought the plaque because I loved this little quote. 

Owl Christmas hand towels, and I can't decide if the owl is super cute or creepy. I love it though, and I bought two of them for $0.50. 

Ok sorta silly to post these scissors, but they were only $0.50 and they work great!

Two candle holders for $0.50, and later this week I will show you what I have in mind for these candle stick holders.  

This chest was only $5.00, and carved into it says Daddy's tool box. So sweet. 

The seller running the sale threw in this old tool since we bought the box. 

NOW!!! Onto the most AMAZING finds from the sale. I found this perfectly soft blue type writer for $5.00. I snatched it up immediately so no one else would take it. The type writer is in great condition. 

It even came with its original manuel. 

And it just keeps getting better. These two vintage suit cases were marked $10.00 each, and I got really brave and offered them $15.00 for both. They gladly accepted the offer and were so glad that they were going to a good home. I just love these suit cases!

I don't know if these initials belonged to these owners or not, but they sure give it character. 

Since this sale was run privately by the children of the husband and wife who passed away it was a very welcoming sale. The sellers were so sweet, and we got to visit with them for awhile. It was hard for them to have this sale, but they were glad that their parents treasured items were going to good people.

I do hope you all had a wonderfully thrifty week!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. Yes indeed, the best kind of estate sale!
    I share your enthusiasm for a good pair of scissors.

    I think the kids holding the sale did appreciate a customer who found the items special.

  2. Yay! What an estate sale! 10 cents!!! I had a great thrifting weekend too, that also included typewriters. I was ready to start taking photos in the great outdoor light right now, and my camera battery wore out...go figure.

  3. Wow! That really WAS a fine Estate Sale! Congratulations on your finds!
    ♥Rebecca at

  4. Amazing finds at such great prices. I love the owl towels....not creepy at all!
    Happy you found so many treasures! Hugs,Linda

  5. Wowee. Such amazing prices, and you got so many quality pieces. that milk glass is the prettiest i've seen. just lovely. x

  6. Wow, great finds! I especially love the typewriter & suitcases, they're gorgeous! XO

  7. AAAAmazing sale! Milk glass for .10 cents! Love the suitcases too! I never find typewriters..Maybe one day...Doesn't it amaze you what to one person is valuable and another isn't? Have a great week!

  8. Really great finds! Love the milk glass bowl and typewriter. And a good pair of scissors always comes in handy.

  9. The suitcasese are to die for! I want, I want! The Milk glass is unbelievable. Somebody had no idea what they had!

  10. Nice! I love estate sales run by the families. Not only are there usually great prices, but it also is a more meaningful experience. That blue typewriter is just amazing, and the owl magnet is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen :)

  11. Cute finds all around! I especially love all of the owls, of course :)

  12. Suitcases are lovely and a good pair of scissors is always useful. Now, I look for any office supplies that are made in U.S.A. and they are quality all the way.

  13. I love the typewriter and the Christmas Owl towels....too cute! and I agree with Julia that family run sales are the best...usually you get some great stories to go along with your purchases.

  14. Nice finds - I wish we had estate sales around these parts.......

  15. Oh my word- this was the best estate sale ever!! Love the milk glass dish, the typewriter, and the suitcases- can't believe those prices!!!!! So glad you went!

  16. What fun to come across a sale like this. You found some great buys

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I have a little trifting envy! ;) You had a great outing...I'm due! haha! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!


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